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Doctor Stanley was a former Makai Alchemist that served Bishop in Vanishing Line.

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Stanley has a hatred for the Makai Order, going so far as to call them fools while criticizing the Makai Knights for being tricked easily whenever a "civilian" cries for help.

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Doctor Stanley was formely a Makai Alchemist, but his research got taken away and he got exiled after experimenting on humans. Sometime after his exile, Stanley met Bishop, who praised his work and said that he needed Stanley.

Vanishing LineEdit

Doctor Stanley initially worked behind the scenes, giving Horrors the ability to remain active even in broad daylight. Doctor Stanley made his first appearance before Luke, Sword, and Sophie as the sole survivor of a Makai Plant attack on the tower of El Dorado. After being rescued, he leads them into a trap and manages to capture Sophie while Sword and Luke fought Queen. Stanley tells Sophie the reason why he is working for Bishop, but she uses this opportunity to run away. Shortly after recapturing Sophie along with Queen, they are attacked by Luke and Sword. Stanley runs away with Sophie, but Sword chases after them and throws his sword, impaling Stanley and rescuing Sophie. They are then met by Bishop and Stanley begs for mercy, but Bishop takes him from his suit and puts an explosive charge in Stanley's mouth in order to throw it at Sword and Sophie. The explosion knocks out Sword and Bishop seizes Sophie.

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