Doctor Stanley was a former Makai Alchemist that served Bishop in Vanishing Line.


Doctor Stanley is an egotistical man and former Makai Alchemist of limited conscience who doesn't take the well-being of innocent lives into account not unlike Mendoza before him. Even like the latter, he believes human sacrifice can have a beneficial contribution to their work and apparently held Makai Order with contempt for its altruistic ways, a feeling he eventually open about following his eventual excommunication. Not surprisingly, he chose to side with the Horror Bishop who intrigued by his works and voiced his appreciation, thus joins GarEden in his own volition and devoted his energy into serving Bishop without the ethical constraints from the order. To this end, he helped Martin Hennes realize the technology and systems needed to fully realize Eldo Net for the legendary Horror King.


Early Days

Doctor Stanley was once a Makai Alchemist, but he was exiled after he was caught performing human experimentation. Stanley illegally experimented on over 10 people to succeed in a research project. After the Makai Order discovered his experiments, the order took away his research and exiled him for violating the order's no-harm-policy on civilians. Disgraced and embittered for his "mistreatment," Stanley found refuge under the GarEden Corporation.

The horror known as Bishop somehow discovered Stanley and offered him a place of position and influence to resume his work again. Stanley was touched the fact Bishop appreciated his work and helped Bishop realize Eldo Net with the help of Martin Hennes. While not directly loyal to King, Stanley's loyalty to Bishop motivates him to work under King to realize the El Dorado Project.

Vanishing Line

Doctor Stanley initially worked behind the scenes, giving Horrors the ability to remain active even in broad daylight. Doctor Stanley made his first appearance before Luke, Sword, and Sophie as the sole survivor of a Makai Plant attack on the tower of El Dorado. After being rescued, he leads them into a trap and manages to capture Sophie while Sword and Luke fought Queen. Stanley tells Sophie the reason why he is working for Bishop, but she uses this opportunity to run away. Shortly after recapturing Sophie along with Queen, they are attacked by Luke and Sword. Stanley runs away with Sophie, but Sword chases after them and throws his sword, impaling Stanley's suit and rescuing Sophie. They are then met by Bishop, who betrays Stanley by removing his head from his robotic suit and threw him to the ground. Knowing Sword will protect Sophie, Bishop stuffs an explosive into Stanley's mouth and it blew up, killing Stanley and knocking out Sword. Stanley's ultimate fate was to die by the very person he admired for appreciating him.


  • Makai Alchemist Training: Stanley was a trained Makai Alchemist, but his abilities is unclear has he doesn't seem to have any magical talent. While it's merely speculated, Alchemy seemed to be his strongest suit since such talent likely had something two do with how he managed to built a robotic suit to make up his small stature.
  • Bio-Mechanical Engineering: He has proven he can build cutting edge technology as he helped Martin Hennes build advanced network systems with advance integration of bio-technology to realize King's project.


  • Prosthetic Body Suit: Because he suffered a rare form of pan-hypo pituitarism as his head is a full-grown adult but has the body of an infant, Stanley built himself an advanced custom built robotic suit that gives him the form of a large muscular man. The suits appears to move about by hovering because of lack of mechanical legs. Despite the technological enhancements, his suit wasn't designed for combat. If a person can grab his head, they can lift him right out of his suit, exposing a frail man that can only crawl as his head is too heavy for him to stand.


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