Dogura was a spider-like Horror that possessed the body of Katsuragi no Hisayori, the son and apprentice of the Makai Knight Katsuragi no Chiharu.



After a young Hisayori and his father escaped from the capital, they were surrounded by Inga Horrors and Gaira. Hisayori ended up becoming Dogura's host when the Horror sensed his fear-based darkness and used the boy's body to devour Chiharu.

Crimson MoonEdit

One night, Hisayori appeared before a group of men and took the sword of one of them under the pretext that a good sword chooses its wielder. The sword "chooses" Hisayori and he transforms in Dogura, who proceeds to slaughter them. Hisayori later appeared in the Watchdog Center and specifically requested to train under Raikou and his group, something to which both sides accepted. After they all go home, Hisayori tells them about his father and why he specifically requested for them. Later that day, Hisayori tries to steal Raikou's sword, but he was found by Kintoki and was forced to run. Hisayori was confronted by Raikou, but Hisayori taunted him by saying that Raikou killed his father, since Raikou has the sword that once belonged to his father. After Raikou manages to defeat his inner demons, he finally transforms and slays Dogura, who drops Chiharu's skull and reveals the truth.

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  • Dogura is based on the Japanese myth of the Tsuchigumo.


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