Dolce of Blood (血のドルチェ, Chi no Doruche) is a fatal ailment resulted from ingesting the blood of Horrors.

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When a person is tainted in Horror's blood on skin contact, the cursed blood is absorbed and the person will have about 100 days of life left before they suffer from a form of sepsis shock and die. In the remaining time they have left to live, the cursed blood will emit a scent only detectable through Horrors only. A blood-tainted person(s) is delectable to Horrors and will draw them out to feast upon the victim. Dolce of blood is a similar phenomenon but with different results.

Dolce of blood is a form of necrosis due to being tainted by the blood of a Horror from within. Instead of skin contact, the person ingested the blood and begins the necrosis process. Symptoms include loss in pigment, turning to grayish-white skin. The body beginning to rot with a sticky blood-like substance covering the skin, making the person's flesh more palatable to a Horror. From a Horror's point of view, this is a form of meal-prep before dining.

White Horror Ring established a community where Horrors and humans live coexist; he demands a sacrifice in form of a periodic lottery as means to keep his Horror followers satiated and in line. The lottery involves giving each humans a pill where one of the pills is filled with Horror's blood. Those who displays symptoms of blood dolce are the chosen sacrifice and will be devoured by Horrors within the community.


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