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Edel in Dragon Shell
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Edel Transforming Into Dragon Knight
Portrayed By:
  • Dragon Knight Edel
  • Dragon Sword
  • Dragon Fangs
  • Dragon Drones
  • Madou Chimera

Edel (エデル Ederu) is the last surviving Dragon Knight on a quest to recover his missing child and get revenge upon the Makai Order in the events of Dragon Blood.

Personality & Character[edit | edit source]

Edel was meant to be a sacrifice by his clan to Horrors, but was saved by a Makai Dragon. Adopted by the dragon, Edel lived and thought through the wisdom of the wise dragon. He was later partnered with Nova and the two started as unintended saviors of humanity, but when the Makai Order attempted to capture Nova in attempt to unveil the secrets of dragon power, Edel turned against the order and fought against them before being sealed in a dragon shell for thousands of years into modern day. Now Edel is focused on retrieving his missing dragon kin.

Being raised by a dragon and endowed with powers, Edel considered himself as a dragon and didn't think much of humanity. However, with Horrors disrupting the peace, Edel fought against them and gained respect from humanity and the Makai community. Unfortunately, when the Makai Order captured Nova and hurt the two of them, he developed a hatred for both humanity and the order.

When he was revived in modern times, he has nothing but contempt and rage against the order for ruining his life. However, through the interactions of Alice Hiromi and Silver Knight Rei, he began to question himself and his own identity. Despite living and devoting himself as a self-proclaimed dragon, he has always been aware of his humanity and had trouble making peace with himself. In his final moments, he wondered about his own identity, dying in frustration and confusion.

Skills & Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Dragon Knight Training: As a Dragon Knight, Edel was trained in both martial and magical arts by the very dragon that adopted him. He can craft his own knock-off of Gōryū called Giryū via. Alchemy and employing dragon fire in the same manner as Blazing Armament.

Tools & Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Armored Dragon Edel Armor: As a Dragon Knight, Edel is known as Armor Dragon Edel (鎧竜エデル Gairyū Ederu) and clad in eponymous armor which dormant form being very scaled leather outfit he wears as his casual attire. By impaling any parts of such attire (typically his gloves) with his Dragon Fang, he unveils the outfit's true, suit of armor form in a burst of dragon fire, completing his transformation. Parallels with Makai Armor in design, the armor is dragon-themed and scaly in appearance, possessing wing-like ornaments on pauldrons and horned helmet shaped after dragon's head. Due to its origin, it can only be purified by having a Makai Dragon absorbing the build-up evil ki or willing the ki to coalesce into a dark fang/blade (latter feat which put greater strain to the wearer).
    • Dragon's Fangs (竜の牙 Ryū no Kiba): The fang of a dragon to activate his armor.
    • Dragon's Tail (竜の尾 Ryū no O):

      Edel deploys Dragon's Tail in its downgraded state

      Prehensile mechanical tail that extends from the armor's back that can be deployed for attacking like scorpion's tail or acting as additional limb to grab and manipulate things. The tail is quite sturdy and powerful even in its normal state.
    • Dragon Sword: A western sword with his dragon motif. Turns into ornate falchion version of itself in its active state.
  • Giryū: Edel's mechanical creatures crafted via. alchemy.

History[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

Thousands of years ago, when there were no Makai Knights, only Makai Priest, the Horror infestation was rampant. Humanity was still primitive at the time and had no effective means to defend themselves against such any enemy. One particular clan decided to bring routine infant sacrifices to the horrors in hopes their hunger will be satiated and they would be left alone. Upon a particular sacrifice upon the alter though, a Makai Dragon appeared and saved the infant from doom. From that day, the dragon adopted the baby and named him Edel.

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