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The El Dorado Project is a plan that uses the Eldo Net to virtually capture souls for King of El Dorado in Vanishing Line.

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10 years before events of Vanishing Line, Cygnusram-Tech performed research on brain function and how they could connect it to a bigger virtual network. This attracts the cunning Horror King, who infiltrated Cygnusram-Tech and helped them completed the program that would become the prototype of Eldo Net, the very thing King need to enact El Dorado Plan. However, Makai Knights discovered his plans and a battle broke out, forcing the Horror causing explosion that kills thousands to cover its escape with Eldo Net prototype, reaping souls of those caught into it in the process including young Liz's. Most of the reaped souls got corrupted over the course of 10 years, but Liz managed to avoid this fate due to her Golden Knight bloodline.

With the loss of Cygnusram-Tech, King formed the GarEden Company with help of his most powerful followers, Queen who acts as the secretary, Bishop as the general manager, and Knight as GarEden's chief of security. GarEden also built an utopia-esque city called El Dorado as a testing area for Eldo Net by inviting thousands of unsuspecting innocent people and Horrors alike, including the naīve Martin Hennes.

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