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Ema Guzmán
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Ema Guzmán is a Makai Alchemist and widow of Luciano Guzmán in The Carved Seal of Flames and Divine Flame. She's an occasional ally to León Luís and Germán Luís

Personality & CharacterEdit

Ema Guzmán is a Makai Alchemist who acts alone. She is a smart and bold person, gladly embracing the term "witch" and allowing herself to be beaten and captured solely to get into an enemy lair. She is also rather brash, as despite her harsh predicament at the hands of her captors, she remains calm and never stops mouthing off.

Despite being a Makai Alchemist, she is shown to be very adept at physical combat. She also shows some recognition of León's markings and their meaning. Ema adopts a playful and teasing, yet concerned attitude towards the boy, deeply shocked and apologetic when she causes him to reveal he is still a virgin.

Ema was once married to another Makai Alchemist named Luciano, who was eventually possessed by the Horror Arabel, making Ema vow to be the one to slay him. Ema exhibits some distaste towards Makai Knights in general, finding them arrogant for thinking she, as a Makai Alchemist and a woman, would not be strong enough to fight Horrors on her own. This further exacerbated by mistreatment she endured at hands of arrogant members of the Order who imprisoned her in the light of Luciano's fall into the darkness out of fear of her becoming a another Horror like him, and can't help but cynically laughed upon learning none of her tormentors returned from their hunt for Arabel. Nevertheless, she comes to the aid of León's company time and again, and is on good terms with them. After slaying Arabel so Luciano can finally rest and finding closure from her tragic past, Ema and León engage in a one-night stand. After the final battle with Mendoza, Ema parts ways with León and Alfonso, intending to return to her hometown. She reunites with the group during the events of Divine Flame, but parts ways with them unannounced once the Horror Sir Venus is defeated.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

  • Makai Alchemist Training: ?.

Tools & WeaponsEdit

  • Mono-molecular wire: ?.
  • Madō Bell: ?.
  • Makai Gun: ?.
  • Madō Bagua Tag (formerly): Ema used several of these to conceal Gael's hideout after the latter's passing, but she no longer using them ever since.



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