Engou was a Nio-like Horror that possessed the body of Junkei, a busshi who killed beautiful women to use them as models for his Bodhisattva statues. Engou acted on Junkei's obsession to kidnap beautiful women and turn them into Bodhisattva statues until Seimei managed to lure him out so that Raikou can slay the Horror.


Junkei worked on a small Bodhisattva statue in order to place it inside a Nio statue and stop it from coming to life, but the statue melted the moment it was put inside. His failure, along with Seimei's taunt, made him angry. Misunderstanding what Seimei said about imbudding the Bodhisattva with life, Junkei ritualistically stabbed an unconscious woman inside his cave and left shortly after. He is then found by the Nio statue, who after hearing his desire, possessed Junkei and became a Horror. Now as Engou, he attacked a group of police officers in order to kidnap the beautiful lady they were escorting and brought her to his cave. Later that night, Raikou and Kintoki saw him going out and the blood behind him, they followed the trail and found the body of the lady turned into a Bodhisattva. After Raikou and Kintoki tell Seimei about it, she disguises herself in order to lure Engou out. After Seimei successfully lured him out, he fought with Raikou and was slain.

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  • Engou is based on the Nio, two wrathful and muscular guardians that are found in many temple entrances.


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