Enith was the girlfriend of Hardy.


Early HistoryEdit

Enith has an argument with Hardy because he kept his injury a secret from her to not worry her. But as Enith walks off, a sign begins to fall above her. Hardy pushes her away and the sign falls on him instead, causing him to be paralyzed and confining him to a wheelchair.

Vanishing LineEdit

One day, an excited Sophie accidentally knocks down Hardy from his wheelchair and he gets mad, but Enith calms him down and he apologizes. After bringing Hardy back home, she tells him that she has to work a night shift and won't come until next day. The next day, Enith looks for Hardy, who wasn't at his apartment. Luke ignores her, but Sword arrives and listens to her story and decides to help her search for him. Enith makes it back to Hardy's apartment when she found Hardy miraculously able to walk again. While he was expressing his joy, he also mentioned how his hunger can't be satiated. In a fit of raging hunger, Hardy turns into Begand and tries to devour Enith, fortunately Sword intervene and drives him outside to fight. In the aftermath, Luke uses his magical rain to erase everyone of their memories that night, including a devastated Enith. Due to the magical rain, Enith forgets Hardy's demise and starts the day again looking for him, not realizing he's already gone.

As Sword teaches King what it means to "live", Enith is shown alongside the other people Sword met in his journey, with Enith helping a patient through rehabilitation.

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