Ferre Salé Dessimo
Village of Trial Garo Vanishing Line
Ferre Salé Dessimo
Type: Artificial Island
Location: America

Ferre Salé Dessimo (フェレ・サレ・デシモ, Fere Sare Deshimo) is a hidden Makai Alchemist Village in Vanishing Line.

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Mirroring the real-life natives in the mountainous regions of South America, it is a secluded village that only Alchemists know. Known as the Hidden Makai Village of Trials, it is an isolated ancient village community living on top of a mountain. The village has a focus in preserving makai culture, archaeology, the rediscovery of lost technology, and development of makai weaponry. The village is a series of artificial floating islands. Made from thick-woven reeds, they float on top of a lake, making the surface react like a waterbed. According to Gina, the village was founded and made this way as a place to escape the unending war; the place is free from dark influence.

Although the village is an important part of their order, what makes the village important is their proximity to the Land of Guidance. Within it, lies an entity of great power and will only lend its wisdom and power for those who prove themselves worthy in combat. The village acts as the keepers to the Land of Guidance and only open to Alchemists approved by the village elder. Once approved, the Alchemist is ferried by a small boat to begin the trial.

The entity itself has no physical form, but it can imitate structures and monsters to test the Alchemist's resolve. It can possess animals and temporarily borrow their body to speak before the alchemist. Should the Alchemist pass, the Land of Guidance will reward the alchemist by advising where to go and how to get there. Once the trial is complete, the entity leaves, opening a path for the alchemist to depart.

Under most circumstances, this place is only known and open to Alchemists. Makai Knights don't know about its location, only heard of it. It's unclear why was this made this way, but it's a respected custom for a long time. There are rare exceptions if an Alchemist brought guests into the village. As long as the Elder allows it, there are no penalties.



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