Fujiwara no Michinaga is the supporting character of GARO: The Crimson Moon.

Personality & Character

Michinaga is a head of Heiankyo's aristocratic class, his family a ruling power in Japan at the time. He wishes to simply live as a noble, but must supervise the city. He is enamored with Seimei, but she always gives him the slip.

He wishes to have a powerful Makai Knight, preferably the Golden Knight, under his exclusive command to enforce his influence over the region. It is later revealed that the current Ashiya Douman is his brother, cast away as an infant for reasons unknown. Michinaga extends a hand to his brother to join him, but Douman refuses out of spite. Michinaga displays incredible emotional control, staying calm during the attack on the palace and the emergence of the Crimson Moon, and vows that he will never become a Horror. Michinaga seems to be delighted with Raikou's argument about him and Ashiya Douman being the same. However, he also states that Raikou and Ashiya Douman are also the same, much like the philosophy of yin and yang. During Rudra's awakening, Michinaga refuses commoner entry to the Light Palace and lies to the populace, finally losing his cool when his magic book, which keeps the protective barrier around the Light Palace in place, is stolen. He mistakenly blames Yorinobu, who had butted heads with him only moments prior, and demands his execution. Michinaga's ultimate fate after Rudra's attack on the capital is unknown.

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