What a waste. With that much strength, we could've faced Makai itself and destroyed all Horrors from the source!
Sword to Knight during their final fight.
Vanishing Line
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Future is the 24th episode and the last one of GARO: Vanishing Line, released on March 30, 2018.


After defeating King, Sword nears the exit from the Eldo Net system, but is suddenly attacked by Knight. They two of them fight fiercely and their ideals clash. Finally Sword defeats Knight, who pulls the Garoken deeper into his body, ending his life and destroying the corrupted Bolg. Outside, Sophie asks why Sword hasn't come back yet, but Gina and Luke remained quiet. Sophie tries to go back in, but she is stopped by Gina and starts crying. Luke then approaches them and uses one of his magical bullets and erases Sophie's memories. A year has passed since the defeat of King. Sophie was returned to the orphanage and resumed her teenage life. She is about 15 years old and life hasn't been entirely the same. Although her memories has been erased, her heart and mind has always felt as if she was missing something very important. Throughout this time, she would space out and experience feelings of missing someone or something important, Sword. One day, during Christmas, Sophie cut her finger and the sight of blood triggered her memories. As soon as Sophie remembered, she ran into her closet to search for her own hoodie she had wore during her travels with Sword. She was happy to find it and rediscover the pendant Gina gifted her earlier. Now fully awakened, she ran off to find Sword.

Sophie ran through the snow, desperate to see Sword. She made it back to the diner to find Gina there. Gina glad to know Sophie remembers their history and Sophie expressed great desire to become an alchemist herself. Garm and Gina welcome Sophie into the fold and express great excitement to see Sword again. As Sophie believe Sword is on mission, she wants to see Sword when she becomes a full-fledged alchemist, but the moment was awkward broken when Sword appeared. Sword was there from the start, but Garm made a terrible burger that gave him really bad diarrhea; he was stuck in the toilet the whole time. Although surprised to see Sophie, his stomach was still hurt him and he went back to poop.

With the strongest of evils defeated, the world has returned back to relative peace, but darkness still lingers. Bishop survived the events of the El Dorado Crisis and now seeks to enjoy his freedom. As Meifang manages the Chinese Restaurant, she has been impatient with everyone. She has feelings for Luke and wants to see him again. At the back of the kitchen, it has been revealed the three "old men" in the kitchen crew are actually handsome men, but none of them caught Meifang's attention like Luke did, but she wouldn't admit it to Feilong. At a French-like city, Luke has become a Makai Knight. He jumps into the air to take on the next horror, revealing a new silver armor.