Gōki Fudō (布道 ゴウキ, Fudō Gōki) was the former title holder of Lord the Flash Knight; Eruba's former master and father to the Fudō twins, Leo and Sigma. He only appears in flashbacks during Makai Flash Knight.


Gōki is a stern father. It's unclear what happened to the mother of his sons, but he apparently raised Leo and Sigma as a single father. Subjecting the twins through tough physical training, he had high standards for their combat abilities to see who would rise to become the next Flash Knight. Although a strict father, Gōki was a good observer of character. He realized that Sigma was the better combatant, but lacked the heart of a protector. Unfortunately, Gōki's actions will have a lasting effect on Sigma, prompting him on a dark path in resentment of Gōki.


Much of Gōki's is a mystery; there's no information about his life and his deeds. However, he walked the path of a Makai Knight and he trained to inherit the title of Flash Knight, the Lord armor, and Eruba. At some point, Gōki met a woman and had twins, Sigma (elder twin) and Leo (younger twin); the fate of the twin's mother remains a mystery. However, in between combating Horrors, he privately trained his boys to become the next generation of Makai Knights and potential heirs to the Flash Knight title. While the boys already had settled on who is to become the next Flash Knight (Sigma is to become the next knight and Leo would become his supportive priest), Gōki realized that Sigma doesn't have the heart of a protector and chose Leo instead.

When his sons learned of his decision, neither of them were happy about it. Sigma was enraged enough to raise his sword against Gōki to demand an answer, but Sigma decided to give up competing for his inheritance and walked off to become a Makai Priest. Leo was equally upset, demanding to know why was he chosen over Sigma (while in a dual between father and son); Gōki reasoned that Sigma doesn't have a protector's heart to be worthy of Lord, but Leo believed Sigma did. A few years later, Gōki would die (of unexplained causes) and Leo would inherit his title and equipment. However, neither of the boys walked the path of Makai Knights; both of them became talented priests instead. Eventually, though, Leo learned to accept his inheritance and became the Flash Knight to help end Sigma's mad quest for ending the Makai Knights Corps and rebuilding the Makai Order to his own image.


  • Makai Knight Training: While Gōki's skill as a knight is unknown, it's presumed he's strong as even in his advance age, he was able to overwhelm his Leo in sword combat.


  • Madō Ring Eruba: Gōki's Madōgu.
  • Lord Sword: His jian type makai blade that takes the form of a large saber when transformed.
    • Lord Armor: A purple-blue Makai Armor that specializes in saber combat.