Gōryū Rigl
Goryu Rigi Garo
A Gōryū Rigl
GoryuRigl Deployment GMS
Gōryū Rigl being deployed
Type: Advanced Makai Equipment
  • Destroying and Rebuilding Makai Order

Gōryū Rigl (リグル, Riguru) is a type of Gōryū developed by Sigma Fudō in the events of Makai Flash Knight.

Description and Characteristics[]

The Gōryū Rigl are a brutish gōryū series made through a combination of magic and alchemy by Sigma Fudō, easily recognized with its distinctive two faces, ability to self-repair as long as its two faces (which serve as its weakness) remain intact, and sort of upper body of a mechanical knight attached on its large arms.l These gōryūs also designed so Sigma can pilot it to manually control it.


Gōryū Rigl, alongside other Gōryū types, are developed by Fudō brothers in a project to help Makai Priests gain the edge of the war against Horrors without have to rely on Makai Knights. Whereas Leo's intentions to develop Gōryū were to benefit Makai Order, Sigma intended to use Gōryū to eradicate Makai Knight corps. and later, rebuild Makai Order with his own image. Hundreds of Gōryū Rigl can be seen deployed from Magōryū Idea when Sigma launched an assault at Makai Realm, though they eventually destroyed by combined efforts of Makai Knights.

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