Madōba Gōten (魔導馬 轟天まどうば ごうてん, lit. "Magical Horse Roaring Heavens") is a magical combat horse exclusively to Golden Knight Garo.

Description & Characteristics[]

Gouten is a golden-colored Madō Horse with a red mane. that like other Madou Horses, can enter and travel through other realms as well as assisting Garo in combat. Being enchanted sentient machine of battle, it displayed considerable physical attributes greater than even strongest normal horse as it can leap to great distance, able to stomp and kick enemies with superhuman forces that enable it to bring large Horrors to their knees, and possesses great durability.

Gouten's special ability is upgrading Garo Sword into 2 powerful forms, Garo Horse-Slaying Sword (牙狼斬馬剣, Garo-Zan-Ba-Ken, lit. "Fanged-Wolf Horse-Slaying Sword"), a large great sword that can easily cut through superhuman durable Horrors. Not only that, the great sword can also be upgraded to its strongest form Great Garo Horse-Slaying Sword (大牙狼斬馬剣, Dai Garo-Zan-Ba-Ken, lit. "Great Fanged-Wolf Horse-Slaying Sword").


Original Series[]

Ever since the creation of Makai Knight upon discovery of Soul Metal, Madou Horses were created as the titled knights' steed to increase the efficiency against powerful Horrors. This includes Gouten, who created for Makai Knight Garo for even the odds against incredibly powerful Horrors.

Anime Series[]

Gōten was arguably among first fully-functional Madōbas comissioned by Makai Order sometime between Crimson Moon and The Fleeting Cherry Blossom since the Golden Knight during said era, Raikou, deployed it for the first time in the fight against Akira's Horror form. Prior to this, he initially relied on Raijū for combat assistance and accessing his Garoken's Zanbaken form.

As of Divine Flame, which set 4 years after The Carved Seal of Flames, Gōten remained in service of its Golden Knight with its latest rider happened to be León Luís who use it against the fallen Obsidian Knight Zem Dario Montoya who matched the golden Madōba with his, Raimei.

However, by the time events of Vanishing Line took place, Gōten stopped serving Garo as his combat steed and had since repurposed into a combat chassis for his Madō Motorcycle so as to better adapt to the modern era as well as maintain its function albeit more efficiently. In its new form, it retains the ability to turn Garoken into its Zanbaken form while gaining new features such as a pair of mechanical arms to grapple foes with as well as recreation of Zaruba's face at the front.

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