GARO: Gold Storm Flight is the TV Series continuation of the movie of the same name, following Ryūga Dōgai as the Makai Knight Garo once again.



Over a decade before current events, Makai Knight Jinga and his priestess wife, Amily, are a makai couple that protects humanity while raising their beloved son, Yūto. While grooming their son to become a knight, the family travels through unprotected areas to purify dark influences. One day, the family encountered a village that was threatened by a Horror and their solution was to sacrifice one of their own children in attempts to satiate the threat to leave them alone. Witnessing their barbaric act, the family stopped them and promised to slay the darkness that holds the village in fear. Although the couple successfully slayed the Horror, the villagers never believed in the couple's words and decided to sacrifice Yūto to ward off the evil. Once the couple returned, they were horrified to know that the very people they protected would sacrifice their own son. So saddened and enraged by their loss, the couple decided to kill everyone.

Filled with un-satiated rage for the death of Yūto, the couple began senselessly killing people in nearby villages. It was then a priest from Homoura attempted to stop the two. He saved a pair of siblings, Gald and Haruna, to flee to his village while engaging the berserk couple. Unable to win against them, the priest detonated a bomb in hopes to take himself out along with the couple, but they survived. It wasn't long, while wandering in a cursed area of a forest that they became easily possessed by Horrors. Now the couple aims to destroy all of humanity.

Main Story

After the defeat of Agō, Ryuga and Rian now serve Priestess Ryūme to protect Line City. Jinga and Amily have used their former training against the Makai Order as they have quietly amassed a large collection of Horrors that serve under them. They devoured the weakest and kept only the strongest to serve their purposes. The couple intend to revive an ancient evil mobile fortress, Radan, and promised the strongest Horrors a position of power if they serve under the dark couple. However, to fulfill their plans, they needed to acquire Radan first.

Sealed under a lost tomb for centuries, a civilian accidentally uncovered Radan and the dark couple forced a Makai Priest to help them unseal Radan for their possession. Radan was sealed away by a powerful mystical sword, the Hōken Sword, which holds the evil at bay. With the seal undone, the Hōken Sword split itself into two blades, one of dark energy and one of light. The dagger of light was taken by Jinga, but the dagger of darkness flew off, where it caught the attention of Ryuga and Rian. Not willing to expose themselves yet, the dark couple had other Horrors do their dirty work and attempt to recover the dagger of darkness; Ryuga intervened and gained the dagger instead. With the help of Ryūme, the duo learned about Radan and went to investigate the tomb, but Radan is long gone. However, there was another more immediate situation happening to the city.

The dark couple has been creating Horror gateways within objects throughout the city. By "accidentally" dropping parcel around the city, unfortunate victims touch the objects and become possessed by Horrors. Rian and Ryuga eventually tracked the source and befriended Beast Body Knight Giga, Daigo Akizuki, during their quest. Unknown to both parties, a pair of stealthy priests were also at play.

Gald and Haruna survived their encounter and was raised by the priests of Homoura Village. Because Gald knew his family's killer was a corrupted knight, he developed a great distrust over them and chose to become a talented priest instead. Because girls can't become a knight, Haruna became Gald's backup priest. Due to her fear of Horrors and weak physical nature, she communicates and advises his brother through a magical tool that acts as a communication badge. Gald was trained to seal Radan and after the seal was undone, he and his sister has been quietly trailing both competing sides to wait for a opportune time to recover both daggers and restore the Hōken Sword to re-seal Radan.

It was while during a fateful encounter that Jinga and Amily that finally revealed themselves and both Ryuga and Rian fought to regain both daggers. While fighting in a warehouse, Gald finally made his move and regained both daggers and reformed them back into the Hōken Sword and escaped. With the dark couple at play, Rian and Ryuga had to trust Gald's motives are for good and attempted to defeat the dark couple. Unfortunately, they were highly formidable and they were forced to retreat.

Gald would later get himself captured, but not before giving away the Hōken Sword to Ryuga and cluing his location to his sister. Haruna would entrust Garo to help her rescue her brother. Despite having a strong distrust over Makai Knights, both Rian and Ryuga helped soften his position as the siblings realized they needed to work with Garo's team to fulfill their duty to seal Radan. With the teaming of Gald, Haruna, D Ringo, Daigo, Ryūme, and Rian, Ryuga plans to take Jinga head on at his secret HQ.

Team Garo managed to battle through all of Amily's dark magical defenses and Horrors to face the dark couple. It was while having the upper-hand in superior numbers that Radan activated itself. Because the item is bonded with Jinga, the dark crystal enhanced his powers and allowed him to flee, taking Rian as a hostage. The whole team eventually found Jinga and attempted to end things, but Ryuga was sucked into the Amily's dark mirror, where the item would strip away his spirit and kill him with his own darkness. Unexpectedly, Ryuga overcame his darkness and it also enhanced Garo with a new form: Dark Garo. A darkened form which allows temporarily flight. Ryuga successfully defeated Jinga, but not before Radan was activated and Jinga transferred his spirit into Rian.

Now taking the body of Rian, Jinga uses her body as a hostage against Ryuga. It was through Junga that Ryuga found out that Rian is in love with him and wants to start a new life with him. Ryuga thanked Jinga for informing him and he managed to knock out Rian's body and taken Rian back to Ryūme in attempts to exorcise Jinga out of her. However, Amily appeared and recovered Jinga's spirit into her own body, making the couple a single entity; Rian was safe. Jinga would battle Daigo and critically injured him before fleeing.

In a final showdown, Team Garo attempts to take on the dark couple and attempts to stop Radan from being fully activated, but it failed. Jinga managed to recover enough of his powers to create a new body for Amily and the couple resumed their schemes. Radan revealed itself as a giant dark wizard-like golem that absorbs all life force and unleashes Horrors with every step it takes. The team knew that Amily is the power source for the behemoth and Rian managed to defeat Amily to power down the fortress. Jinga would kill his own wife and then forcefully make Rian the new power source for Radan and began sucking the life force away from the citizens of Line City while shooting large ballistics at the city. Fortunately, D Ringo used a powerful magical guitar, linked with Agō's surviving medallion, to protect all incoming fire.

Rian was unwilling to become a pawn of Jinga's destruction and she self-destructed the orb than contained her, blasting her inflamed body away. Enraged what had just happened, Ryuga reacted with his armor and the life force around him. Suddenly, the life force that Radan absorbed now sided with Ryuga and formed a giant version of Garo. Ryuga used all his might to successfully defeat Radan and then slayed Jinga, ending the dark threat. Gald used the Hōken Sword to seal Radan and send it to the Makai realm, where it was destroyed. However, Rian died to save everyone. At first mourning for her death, everyone realized the life force energies that were drained earlier was returning back to the lands and some of it touched Rian. The drops of life force revived Rian and the two happily were together again. In the aftermath, D Ringo and Yukihime continues on their pawn shop operation, with Gald's duties completed, he and Haruna have a new lease on life, Daigo returns to being a teacher to train the next generation of knights, and Ryuga and Rian continued on their journey as protectors under Ryūme. Their story continues in the events of Makai Tales.

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  1. Sword (剣)
  2. Flame (炎)
  3. Butterfly (蝶)
  4. Axe (斧)
  5. Sin (罪)
  6. Frame (額)
  7. Spell
  8. Brush (筆)
  9. Feathers (羽)
  10. Thunder (雷)
  11. Trap (罠)
  12. Bonds (絆)
  13. Swamp (沼)
  14. Signpost (標)
  15. Fort (砦)
  16. War (戦)
  17. Mirror (鏡)
  18. Darkness (闇)
  19. Heart (心)
  20. Fountain (泉)
  21. King (王 Ō)
  22. Castle (城)
  23. Storm (嵐)


  • "GOLD STORM" (1-12)
    • Composition & Arrangement: Shiho Terada, Yoshichika Kuriyama
    • Artist: JAM Project
  • "EMERGE ~Shikkoku no Tsubasa~" (EMERGE ~漆黒の翼~, "EMERGE ~Black Wings~", 13-)
    • Lyrics: Masami Okui
    • Composition: Hironobu Kageyama
    • Arrangement: Kenichi Sudō
    • Artist: JAM Project


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