GARO: Makai Flash Knight (牙狼〈-GARO-ガロ〉 ~MAKAISENKI魔戒閃騎), also known as GARO: Makai Senki, is a Japanese tokusatsu television series serving as the second season to the GARO series; airing on TV Tokyo between October 6, 2011, and March 22, 2012. It is also the sequel to GARO and continues after the movie: Red Requiem. The story continues in the new movie: GARO: Lament of the Dark Dragon and two spin-off series from ZERO Series: ZERO: Black Blood and ZERO: Dragon Blood.


After the events of Red Requiem, Kouga encountered a mysterious masked magician that cursed him with the Seal of Destruction. The mark itself slowly drains and weakens the combat capabilities of a knight; every time Kouga summons his armor, it causes immense pain and drains his strength. Recently promoted to Senatorial Knight, Kouga's abilities has been recognized and he now answers to Senate Watchdog Grace; he carries forth special missions for the Senate. To help him on his difficult missions, he was partnered with Leo Fudō, a Makai Priest prodigy and creator of the Gōryū. However, due to the cursed mark, Kouga endured the side effects while on assignment; it never stopped him from finishing his missions.

As Kouga continued his tour, he confided to Leo about his curse and Leo provided Kouga with healing tonics to help him manage his condition. To avoid worrying Kaoru Mitsuki, he only supported her work in developing a new art book. Eventually though, he learns that Silver Knight Zero, White Knight Dan, Thunder Knight Baron (his former mentor), and all of the Makai Knights has been marked for death. Due to the suspicion it has been the work of a fallen Makai Priest(s), animosity has been growing between the two parties; relations only gotten worse when Red Mask called forth the fall of the knights and the rise of the priests. In between, Rekka, Jabi, and allies of Kouga have encountered the Red Mask and couldn't defeat him. Determined to uncover the truth and a cure, Kouga and Rei had a confrontation with Red Mask. It was while fighting that they finally unmasked him and revealed the face of Leo.

In a showdown between Red Mask and Garo, Kouga was too weak from the mark to handle Red Mask and was nearly killed by his Tekkis when Leo appeared to save Kouga. Confused, it is revealed that Red Mask is actually Sigma Fudō, the elder twin of Leo. In a clash between brothers, Leo revealed he is also a Makai Knight: Flash Knight Lord. After the battle, Leo told both Kouga and Rei of the history of his family.

Leo explained to the two that they are the twin sons of the former Flash Knight, Gōki Fudō. Trained harshly since childhood, the two were being groomed as the next successor of the Lord armor. With Sigma being the most exceptional fighter, the twins decided that Sigma will become Lord and Leo as his personal priest. Unfortunately, things didn't go as expected: Gōki decided Leo will be the next Lord, not Sigma. Infuriated that his knighthood was robbed, Sigma left the family to become a priest while Leo continued training with Gōki. In a duel between father and son, Leo wanted to know why he was chosen over Sigma; Gōki reasoned that Sigma doesn't have the heart of a protector and made it clear Leo is heir to Lord. Gōki would die 3 years later and Sigma returned. Soured by everything that happened, both brothers would put away their knighthood to become priests instead.

After the twins grew up, the brothers reunited and both had the ambition of creating powerful magical tools to solve the eternal war between light and dark. Both of them made the same conclusion that their Gōryū technology will be instrumental in that role. While Leo created small robotic units, Sigma had something far larger and grander in mind, Magōryū Idea, a powerful magical machination that can end the eternal war between the Makai Order and the Horrors. However, in order to create such a great weapon, it requires a great power source. With the help of Mio (Makai Priestess and love interest to the twins), Sigma realized he needed a combination of Horror core and human souls to power his creation.

When Mio found out that Sigma has been performing unethical experiments with humans, she turned to Leo for help. Before Leo could reach her, she tried to stop Sigma and lost her life. It was because of Mio's death that Leo couldn't forgive his brother and vowed to stop him at all costs. With the truth exposed, Leo openly accepts his role as a Makai Knight and assures the knights he will stop Sigma.

Things went from bad to worse when Sigma announced the near collapse of the Makai Knights. He threatens the lives of all the knights and demanded they forfeit their armors in exchange for their lives at the Senate Hall. Gathered at the hall, the knights were deeply divided. Those that wished to survive are willing to surrender their armors while there are hardliners that wish keep their armors and battle to the end. The hardliners believe this is a dishonor to their knighthood and threatened to kill any who give up their armor. Blades have been drawn between the divided parties and it was a tense standstill until Kouga arrived. One of the knights thought Kouga was another person willing to give his armor and struck at him. When Kouga blocked the strike with his sword, the iconic red scabbard and gold-red insignia made everyone realize the knight is Garo.

The knights lowered their blades out of respect for Garo. Kouga told the knights that each of them should decide for themselves about the armor issue. He told them regardless of their choice, it won't affect their honor as a knight. Worried about their marks, Nobuyoshi Tagajō asked Kouga about a way to stop the seals. To lessen their anxiety, Kouga assured them he will defeat Sigma. Asking about their armors, Kouga pointed out their armors isn't what's important; it should be their hearts as a knight. Kouga's words connected to both parties and the hardliners are willing to follow Kouga's lead. Seconds later, Sigma's Gōryūjin infiltrated the hall and began attacking the knights. Both Kouga and Zero thought something was strange about them and told the knights to stop fighting, but it was too late. The knights defeated all the Gōryūjin and their defeat triggered them to unleash a powerful magical barrier.

Sigma's offer of mercy was a trick, he had the knights trapped within the senate hall. Sigma trapped and separated the knights away from priests so the death mark would kill all the knights and prevent the priests from helping. Sigma magically broadcasted a msg to the priests to stand with him as the knights will fall tonight. He declared that starting tomorrow, they will save the world. Sigma had killed Ratess and stolen the key to the Madō Train earlier. He plans to fly to the moon and absorb its magical energies to complete his agenda.

The cursed seal's effect has been intensified and the pain so great that most of the knights could barely stand. Seeing Nobuyoshi struggling, Kouga encouraged him to keep fighting. During this time, Leo infiltrated the train and confronted Sigma. Leo attempted to appeal to his better nature by offering him the Lord armor, but Sigma revealed his power allows him to summon an armor anytime he wants and casted the armor away. Sigma declared by the light of the full moon, their family line and Lord will be destroyed. Not willing to take things down, Leo resisted and fought Sigma.

Trapped and the knights on the verge of dying, Kouga asked Zaruba to summon Gajari. Zaruba arranged the meet and Kouga made a contract with Gajari: to help teleport him to Sigma's location in exchange for a recovery mission. With Gajari's help, Kouga made it inside the train and fought his way through his machinations. Kouga made it just in time as Sigma was about to slay his own brother. Kouga and Leo would team up to fight Sigma. Even at 2 against 1, Sigma's combat skills were able to fend off the two. As they took the battle outside the flying train, Sigma managed to throw Leo off the train and Kouga had to go at it alone.

Kouga was pushed back into the train. Sigma took advantage of the delay to prepare the train for dimensional travel and accelerated the cursed seal, causing excruciating pain to the knights. Despite the pain, Garo charged through the train with Goten to damage the front of the train. As Sigma tried to regain control of the falling train, Kouga charged straight up and slashed off Sigma's cursed arm; it lifted the curse and the knights are free.

The train crash-landed in a forest area and no longer operable. Both Kouga and Sigma survived the crash and Sigma recovered Gyanon's body to regenerate his severed arm. Kouga told Sigma to give up, but Sigma used the remains of the train to tie up Kouga. He intends to create Idea with the remains of the train and Kouga's soul as its power source. At the Senate Hall, Leo survived his fall and returned to report back to Rei. The knights were united in helping Kouga, but Grace reports in that there's a massive Horror infestation that's harming the public in the city. Rei encouraged the rest of the knights to go tend to the city while he and Leo go after Kouga.

Rei and Leo found Sigma at the crash site. Sigma had encased Kouga into Gyanon's body. To stall them from interfering, Sigma sent the two into another dimension to fight a mechanical beast. The two fought their way out and tried to recover Kouga, but was unable to free him. Sigma absconded Kouga with Gyanon to Akugen Valley, a location where he can enter the makai realm. Rekka appeared to give chase, but she suffered a rebound affect just like Rei when she tried to free Kouga; Rekka summoned Kaoru as she feels Kaoru is the only one that could reach out to him. At the valley, Sigma created a massive sphere as a protective casing to Gyanon to prepare sending it into the makai world.

Rei, Jabi, Kaoru, Gonza, Rekka, and Leo all went to the valley. While the knights fend off the Gōryūjin, Jabi and Rekka help Kaoru infiltrate into Gyanon's core. During the battle, Thunder Knight Baron joined the fight to help Kouga. As the two priestesses fought off an acolyte of Sigma, Kaoru infiltrated into the depths of Kouga's heart and convinced him to leave his imprisonment. Although Kouga is free now, the sphere descends into the makai world; Rei, Wataru, and Leo latched onto the sphere. As soon as Kouga reunited with the rescue team, Kouga leaps into the makai world to follow suit. It was within the makai realm that Sigma activated Idea.

In an awesome display of power, a sea of Horrors appeared and Idea wipes them all out from a powerful magical blast. Unwilling to allow Sigma does as he pleases, Rei, Wataru, and Leo infiltrated Idea's control center to face Sigma. Despite 3 vs 1, Sigma managed to hold himself well against the knights. When Sigma tried to recharge his powers through Gyanon's body, Sigma's malice awakened the supposedly dead horror and devoured Sigma. The trio realized Gyanon has taking Idea as its new body and escaped from the control room. Instead of being the greatest solution against Horrors, Idea has become the greatest threat to humanity. The knights realized Gyanon has created a portal to transport

Garo charged into the scene with Goten. He destroyed the portal and made it into the control room to confront Gyanon. When Kouga asked was all of this her doing, she laughed as she explained it was Sigma's jealousy and hatred that awakened her from the darkness. Gyanon reveals Sigma is trapped within Gyanon's belly and being digested alive. Kouga asked her to return to the darkness, but Gyanon refused and wished to fill the mortal realm with Horrors to feast upon them. Garo engaged Gyanon to melee combat, but the horror was too strong. She expelled Garo from Idea and travels to the gateway to enter the mortal realm. As Garo ride towards Gyanon, Kouga encouraged Leo to think like a priest to stop Gyanon. Garo managed to sever Gyanon's forward left leg, but it was quickly regrown back. On the other side, Rekka and Jabi resisted the incoming wave of horrors. To their surprise, a legion of priests arrived to help prevent Gyanon from surfacing.

Garo attempted to create catastrophic damage to Idea's control tower, but only temporarily disabled Gyanon. To their surprise, the priests have combined all their magical power to fire a suppressive blast to prevent Gyanon from rising into the human world. It was then Leo had a solution: a spirit beast blast. By utilizing the power of the Madō Brushs into a concentrated magical blast, the power should be enough to destroy Idea's core. With Wataru injured from battle, there was a concern they could pull it off, but White Knight Dan arrived to help. Garo, Dan, and Zero rode into battle with their Madōbas to fight the incoming waves of Sigma's Gōryūjin. Leo had doubts to even make this mission successful, but his resolve was renewed after the makai knights arrived to take on Sigma's machinations. Leo took this time to send a msg to Jabi to prepare all the priests to deliver their brushes to the knights.

Garo managed to damage Idea enough that Gyanon fell to the ground. Taking advantage of the moment, the priests dropped their brushes into the makai world for the knights to receive their power. Between their swords and bows, the knights turned the brushes into a powerful magical arrow that destroyed Gyanon. Although Idea was destroyed, Gyanon's head survives. Kouga receives Kaoru's brush and used it to destroy the final remains of Gyanon. In the aftermath of the battle, Mio's spirit appeared before Leo. She smiled at him before leaving, giving him closure to her death. Gajari appeared to have Kouga honor his contract. However, Gajari had Kouga receiving a blessing from Grace first. Grace wanted to bestow a blessing to Kouga for saving the order and the world. However, he also credit others that played a role in his victory; Grace intends to bless them as well.

While walking home with Leo, Kouga tells Leo of his journey to the Promised Land. Eruba was concerned would Kouga make it back alive; Zaruba confidently believes Kouga will make it back. Leo wondered did Kouga tell Kaoru yet; he intends to tell her at dinner. Shortly after, Shiguto, Rekka, Rei, Wataru, Jabi, and Tsubasa all came to see Kouga. They have all learned about Kouga's contract with Gajari and expressed their confidence in his return. Shiguto made a final request: a chance to see the Garo armor once last time. Everyone gathered in a circle and used a talisman to magically darken the skies. Kouga summoned his golden armor one last time for its radiance to shine upon his friends before bidding them farewell.

Kaoru and Gonza prepared a feast to celebrate with Kouga, but Sigma arrived to ruin everything. Moments before Gyanon's demise, Sigma escaped from her belly before Idea was completely destroyed. Just as Kouga walks up to his house with Leo, their rings warned them of an evil presence and they rushed to find Gonza injured at the front door. Kouga charged into his house to find Kaoru; when Leo tried to rush in, a magical barrier stops him. Kouga would find Sigma holding Kaoru hostage upon his return.

Sigma admitted he only has a few hours left to live and all he wants to do is get revenge. Kouga tries to reason with him that it's better to accept his fate for a peaceful death. Zaruba warned Kouga that Sigma created a barrier that prevents armor summoning. Kouga believes it's unnecessary since he's taking down a human and not a horror. Sigma wonders can Kouga cut him down and threatened to harm Kaoru; Kouga jumps in to strike to begin their final battle. Using powerful levitation magic, Sigma ripped the Saejima Estate out of the ground to begin their fight. As the house floated away, Leo uses his magic to join Kouga in this final battle as well.

In a sword fight, both Kouga and Sigma are more evenly matched. As the house rotated sideways, Kaoru falls downward. Realizing Sigma is charging in for a charged thrust, Kouga jumps in to use his body to shield Kaoru. Sigma's sword misses them by a hairline, but managed to cut Kaoru's face while pulling his sword out. Enraged, Kouga slashes through the furniture and charge after Sigma. Kouga managed to stab through Sigma's right collar bone, but it wasn't a mortal blow. Sigma pulled out Garoken and continued the battle. Kaoru nearly fell out of the house when Leo appeared to save her. After securing Kaoru, Leo also charged in to face Sigma. Held at a standstill, Kouga told Leo not to cut down Sigma. Enraged by Kouga's kindness, Sigma kicked away Leo to resume their fight.

The house has now completely ripped apart and parts of the house continues to levitate because of Sigma's magic. Leo and Kaoru managed to hold onto a floating piece of the house to watch Kouga conclude the battle with Sigma. Disgusted at Kouga's mercy, to not allow Leo kill his own brother, Sigma declares that kindness is his weakness. Kouga corrected Sigma, telling him it's his fate to cut him down from a promise they made long ago. Angered and confused at Kouga's words, the two make their final charge with a duel mid-air slash. Sigma wasn't able to cut Kouga down, but he did cut out one of his beads. It was seeing the beads that made him realize that Kouga was his former training mate.

As kids, they promised each other to cut each other down if they turned evil. Seeing the beads helped Sigma realized Kouga was his childhood friend. As the two landed, Kouga slashed Sigma through his chest as the finishing blow. Dying from his injury, Sigma's magical influence is broken and remains of house begins to fall. Looking at his brush, Sigma sees Mio's brush in his hand instead. As his final act, Sigma passed his brush to Leo to save his life. Kouga found Kaoru and used the portal that usually summons Garo to enter it instead. Within the subspace, Kouga tells Kaoru he must leave for the Promised Land because of his contract with Gajari; he promises to return and keep his promise to her. Zaruba also told Kaoru to not forget him as well, she kisses Zaruba and a farewell kiss to Kouga before parting ways (please read Lament of the Dark Dragon for the story). Kaoru would safely make it back in peace, but cries over Kouga's depature.

In the aftermath, everyone's lives goes on without Kouga. Tsubasa has become a teacher and he's co-mentoring the next generation of fledgling knights with Wataru. Colt has been repaired and given to Shiguto; he's now a solo operative of his own district. However, their stories continue on in Makai Tales. Rekka left Shiguto to train with Jabi for advanced magical combat and martial arts; their story continues on in The Tougen Flute. Rei resumed his lone wolf life and taken on a new assignment, his story continues with Black Blood. For Kaoru, all her experiences from the makai world allowed her to finish her artbook and she held her first book signing. While reminiscing with her artbook at a local fountain, Kaoru was tearfully happy to see Kouga's return. Kouga's story continues in Saejima Kouga.


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  1. Spark
  2. Street Light
  3. Wheel
  4. Trump Card
  5. Naraka
  6. Letter
  7. Flash
  8. Demon Sword
  9. Makeup
  10. Secret
  11. Roar
  12. Fruit
  13. Holy Water
  14. Reunion
  15. Brethren
  16. Mask
  17. Red Brush
  18. Herd
  19. Paradise
  20. Train
  21. Stronghold
  22. Sworn Friend
  23. Golden
  24. Era
  25. GARO Special: My Name Is Garo - The Trajectory of Kouga Saejima's Battles


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Theatrical releases[]

Throughout the remainder of 2011 and into 2012, the Garo production team will be showing three-episode blocks of the program before their television premieres at select theaters in Tokyo, Osaka, Aichi Prefecture, Fukuoka Prefecture, and Hokkaido. The release schedule for these (up through episode 24) are:

  • Volume 1 (Episodes 1-3): September 24, 2011
  • Volume 2 (Episodes 4-6): October 8, 2011
  • Volume 3 (Episodes 7-9): October 22, 2011
  • Volume 4 (Episodes 10-12): November 5, 2011
  • Volume 5 (Episodes 13-15): January 7, 2012
  • Volume 6 (Episodes 16-18): January 21, 2012
  • Volume 7 (Episodes 19-21): February 4, 2012
  • Volume 8 (Episodes 22-24): February 18, 2012



  • Accounting the new series, 6 years has passed since the original series has aired

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