GARO: Gekkou no Tabibito (aka Moonbow Traveler) is the next movie in the original series, featuring the adventures of Kouga Saejima's son, Raiga Saejima. The movie was released in theaters on October 4, 2019 and it's DVD on March 18, 2020.



After the events of Lament of the Dark Dragon, Kouga and Kaoru married and started a family. Kaoru gave birth to the successor of Garo: Raiga Saejima. Unknown to everyone, Raiga's birth also marked the return of Barago. Although he was devoured by Messiah, a remnant of Barago survived and lingered in the darkness for some time. However, the birth cries of Raiga awakened him and he wanted revenge upon the Saejima family. Too weak to be a threat, Barago traveled corpse to corpse, wandering between the darkness and dead to find Raiga. In between his quest for revenge, Barago somehow acquired Shiroku to be his herald and dispatched him to do his bidding until it was time for his return.

Main Story[]

Set after the events of Saejima Kouga and The Makai Flower, Raiga continued on his duties as Garo but often thinks about his father and his promise to return. Mayuri and Raiga are in a romantic relationship and she resides at the Saejima Estate to be with Raiga. When Mayuri was cured of her condition, she lost her ability to seal Horrors. Without any special abilities, Mayuri wanted a means to prove her value to Raiga. It was during this time that Raiga would meet his father's greatest enemy.

In a large European-style estate, Raiga enters the stage room to find Demon Beast Ruto. The Horror had imprisoned multiple women in chains to be both slaves and prey. Raiga intervened and freed the women while battling Ruto. He fought Ruto and took their fight into a massive hall, where Raiga cornered Ruto until she transformed into her demon beast form and sent Raiga flying out of the building. Raiga wanted to settle the battle and summoned the Garo armor along with Goten.

Ruto tried to use her chains to stop Garo, but the golden knight threw her chains right back at her. The Horror attempted to run across the walls of the buildings, but Garo gave chase. Garo ended the fight by distracting Ruto. While Goten visibly jumped over Ruto, Garo surprised Ruto by sliding under her and cutting off her pointed tail. Garo and Goten regrouped on the other side and rode towards the severed tail and struck it back to Ruto. Ironically, Ruto was impaled by her own tail and Garo finished the job. However, just as Garo relaxed from the battle, one of the victims of Ruto lunged forward to Raiga and grabbed him.

The woman opened her mouth and a surge of dark energies flowed out of her and into the golden armor, hurting Raiga in the process before removing the armor. Confused as to what just happened, Zaruba remarked the woman is dead and he was bathed in jaki (dark energy). Zaruba suggested Raiga to have the armor purified at Tower of Heroic Spirits. However, Raiga decided to return home first.

Back at the Saejima Estate, Raiga had come to see Mayuri as she tended the greenhouse. Biku has encouraged Mayuri to nurture certain plants and especially a White Lily she put all her heart into for Raiga. Gonza wanted to explain Mayuri's reasons for tending to these flowers, but Mayuri wanted privacy over the matter. It was then that Mayuri asked Raiga to show her Kaoru's private studio. Mayuri explained that Kaoru was able to be useful to Kouga even though she didn't have any special abilities. Seeing how Mayuri lost her sealing powers and can't use magic, she is like Kaoru and wanted to know more about Raiga's mother because of it.

At Kaoru's art studio, Mayuri was impressed with Kaoru's art work. Raiga explained Kaoru put all her heart and feelings into her work. Mayuri spotted Kaoru's drawing of the Spirit Beast, Raiga explained it is a custom to give a loved one a picture of the spirit beast and Kaoru give Kouga the picture. At the last canvas Kaoru worked on, it's a painting of Kouga with wings. Raiga remarks it's the portrait of the Moonbow Traveler (resembling a winged Kouga), a person that will return to his loved ones. By the time it was night, Raiga suddenly experienced great pain. The Garo armor is over-saturated in dark energies and Zaruba tells Raiga to have the armor purified. Unknown to Raiga, when his armor appeared with saturated darkness, his armor petrified him and sent him to the Death Realm.

Within the armor, Raiga (oblivious to what's going on) finds himself and Mayuri ambushed by Shiroku, appearing as a man with a feathered mask. The man hypnotized Mayuri and prompted her to stow away into a Makai Train at a station not far from home. Raiga tries to snap her out of the trance, but the masked man stalled him long enough for her to enter by the time Raiga caught up with her. Seeing the ominous train, he meets a train conductor, who informed him about the Black Train and its only destination: Akamoku. Just then, Raiga is warned by a mysterious boy. The boy warned him not to enter but he enters anyway to rescue Mayuri.

After an uneasy exchange, Raiga and the mysterious boy ( Baderu) traverse through the Black Train's carriages to reach Mayuri, all while evading the train's security automatons and see its intriguing passengers along the way. Baderu reluctantly guides Raiga until they got caught and sent to jail upon entering fourth rear carriage due to not carrying any tickets. Awakening from a nightmare, Raiga finds himself locked in a cell alongside Baderu and other prisoners. Two of the prisoners, two brothers (who clad in blue and red respectively) are immersed in the Barchess until Raiga's cries interrupted their focus. The blue sibling won the game and both are freed. The winner is allowed to bring any of his fellow prisoners along should the prisoner in question is biologically related. Through playing the game, Raiga bonds with Baderu and reveals that there are times of him losing faith towards his father, an issue the blue brother spoke about. Raiga won the game, but worried for Baderu, thinking he'll remain caged but both are freed. This made Raiga wonder how is it possibly unless Baderu is related to him. Luckily, by entering the jail (which turns out few carriages away to Black Train's locomotive), they now already closer to Mayuri's location.

While puzzled by their possible relation, Raiga and Baderu sees a swarm of Moonbow Butterflies flying beside the train said to turn into rainbow-colored stones that serves as a traveler's lucky charm upon capturing one. However, the boy deliberately not telling Raiga of the stone's ability to teleport the user to a place they're familiar with, something he discovered as the stone nearly send him back to the Tower of Heroic Spirits. Dismayed that Baderu still tried to get him off the train, Raiga continues his journey without Baderu's company. Unknown to him, Baderu was sent by Kouga himself to keep his son away from Shiroku's trap.

Entering the carriage where Mayuri is located, Raiga finds Mayuri under Shiroku's trance and that his enemy has waited for him. Shiroku and Mayuri attempted to demoralize Raiga by pointing out how Kouga once gave in to the darkness and his own insecurities, but the endeavor backfires as it only steels his resolve further. The confrontation culminates to Raiga disposing the fake Mayuri and seemingly defeated the masked man, allowing him to return to the train station from earlier and meet Kouga himself. The reunion between father and son comes with the bad news where Kouga reveals his son's true situation and that Kouga sends his astral form to warn him against entering the Death Realm any further. As he explains, Mayuri and Gonza have summoned Crow to help remove Raiga's body from his tainted armor, in which the Phantom Makai Knight succeeds through a magical sword technique by striking it with Crow's Sword imbued with his own soul. The Garo armor returned itself back to the Tower of Heroic Spirits but Raiga's soul has yet to reunite with his body.

Back at the Death Realm, Raiga and Kouga are ambushed by Shiroku, prompting Kouga to send Raiga back to his body. Kouga pushed Raiga across the threshold to the mortal realm. Awakened, Raiga quickly asked about the Garo armor. When Raiga learned it was at the Tower of Heroic Spirits, he realized something bad was about to happen. The dark energies that reside within the armor acted as a Trojan Horse. Once inside the tower, the darkness exploded outward, destroying the top section of the tower. The large cloud of darkness unveiled a newly formed white castle that sat on top of the tower like a support pillar. With the Tower of Heroic Spirits destroyed, Shiroku summoned his Demonic Small Makai Dragons to freeze the time of everyone connected to Garo.

Raiga and his party ran outside to a garden area of the estate. Raiga had Gonza unveil a hidden magical doorway, a Makai Path next to the Tower of Heroic Spirits. Using a nearby handle, Gonza attempted to open the path but threw out his back; Crow stepped in and helped finish unveiling the door. It was then Raiga and his friends watched from afar as the tower gets destroyed and the formation of the White Castle above the tower. As Mayuri and Raiga prepare to head towards the tower, Shiroku's dark small makai dragons attacked, freezing time wherever it touches. Raiga and Mayuri immediately headed towards the pathway while Crow stayed behind to look after Gonza. The pathway was destroyed when one of the dragons chased after the duo but the pathway closed behind them and the dragon crashed through the door, destroying it.

At the Tower of Heroic Spirits, the spirits of the former Golden Knights awakened and attacked Shiroku to defend their tower. Unfortunately, the spirits are no match to Shiroku and only slowed him down. However, the spirits retreated when a living Golden Knight appeared: Kouga. Using a magical talisman from Rekka, Kouga used his only ticket back to the Mortal Realm to personally battle Shiroku. Simultaneously, Raiga and Mayuri arrived near the tower's entrance with Zaruba notifying the two of Kouga's situation. In an emotional moment, Mayuri admitted she's of no use but still ants to be near him even for a little bit. Raiga embraced Mayuri, acknowledging her feelings and assured her they'll be together. Before leaving her, Raiga gives her a Madō Bagua Tag she can use for protection, promising to come back to her. Mayuri in turn gives him a white lily as a memento.

Back at the Saejima Estate, Crow defends Gonza from incoming attacks. However, several of the small makai dragons combined into a larger one, attacking him with greater strength. Crow repelled the creature but it charged at Crow and Gonza inside the greenhouse. The significance of Mayuri's White Lilies are revealed when the creature made contact with it and was magically repelled. Crow took advantage of the delay and summoned his armor in flight mode to finish off the dragon. Gonza finally understood why Mayuri was so privy of her lilies; Gonza pleaded to Crow to pass the flowers to Raiga despite the risk of the Phantom Knight leaving him without protection. Crow reluctantly agreed and flew off to join Raiga.

At the Tower of Heroic Spirits, Raiga was unable to enter the White Castle. There's an impenetrable dark barrier of time and space that prevents him from entering. Raiga decides to have Zaruba summon Gajari. Like Kouga, Raiga makes a bargain with Gajari to teleport him to Kouga's position in return to endure whatever ordeal the entity would later give him. Gajari would immediately told Raiga that he would become an inter-dimensional traveler to mend the cracks of time and space. Zaruba warned Raiga that if he agreed to this deal, he may never come back. Raiga express apprehension, but resolved to go through with it.

At the castle, Kouga head towards the central hall to face Shiroku; the fallen knight is at his end. Kouga found Shiroku and he remarked time will eventually stop and return to nothingness. Shiroku reflected how he was once a makai knight that protected and saved lives but he's now merely a gate to his advent. It a matter of seconds, Shiroku vanished and Barago returned in his place and immediately begins to clash swords. Barago returned with flash-like speed and power greater than his prime. He managed to pin down Kouga but Raiga arrives just in time to save Kouga from a deathblow. As father and son reunite, Barago walked upstairs for the high ground and told Raiga how his birth helped resurrect him.

Barago tells both father and son how Raiga's first cry upon his birth awakened him in the darkness, giving him one more chance to erase the bloodline of Garo. Barago further explained how he wandered from corpse to corpse to reach him. The comment helped Zaruba realize the deceased woman they encountered after slaying Ruto brought upon this. Concluding his story, Kiba engages the two Golden Knights in an epic battle.

As Mayuri is saved by timely arrived Crow who informed her that he will break the barrier for her to enter and pass her lily to Raiga, the father and son are about to lose the fight when Kiba summons swarms of Inga Horrors to fight for his behalf. Luckily, Baderu arrives to repel the attacking Horrors, shedding away his disguise in process and revealing himself as none other than Taiga Saejima himself. Unimpressed, Kiba engages the three at once until Crow successfully breaking through the barrier, infuriating him that he knocks him off from the sky with his Armor's avatar and leaving him frozen in time. Moments before Mayuri got caught into Kiba's time-stopping influence as with Gonza and Crow, a child drags her into the Tower at the very last moments. Having enough, Kiba dons his Armor and unveils the long-lost Ouga Armor. Fusing both Armors as Taiga, Kouga, and Raiga watch, Kiba emerges into his new form, Kiba Ouga, and engage the three in their would-be final battle.

Within the Tower, Mayuri meets one of Garo's spectral predecessors who tells her that she has everything she needs to help Raiga in her hands; the petal of her white lily filled with her feelings for the current Golden Knight. Through Kaoru's unexpected guidance, Mayuri sends the power within alongside newly purified Garo Armor through Kiba Ouga's breached barrier which then repels him just as he is about to destroy Raiga, Kouga, and Taiga. Holding the power in his hands, Raiga sees a brief message from the two in form the vision of the former and, with no time to lose, dons Garo Armor and gradually evening their odds. At first, Kiba Ouga maintains the advantage by easily disengaging Garo from Raiga until Taiga and Kouga shares some pieces of Golden Armor's set to improve their defense and physical blows, leading Raiga to do the same in order to wear their opponent down. Ultimately, Taiga, Kouga, and eventually Raiga pass the entire Armor set to one another in their respective turn to gradually dispelling Ouga from Kiba by striking his upgraded form's chest emblem, undoing his upgrade and returning the white and golden Makai Armor back to where it came.

Baffled by this, Kiba cries out how the three managed to overpower him with one Makai Armor. The three generation of Garo wielders explained how their Armor was empowered by the feelings of everyone they met in their lifetime, ultimately becoming the beacon of hope itself. Unable to fathom such a thing, Kiba makes one final stand in defiance, a vain effort as Raiga, Kouga, and Taiga strike him down with their respective righteous blows, erasing him from existence along with his corrupted Armor (presumably for good). Without Barago, his time-stopping influence ceases, un-freeing Gonza and Crow as well as allowing the heroic spirits to repair the damaged Tower.

As three generations of the Saejima clan revel in their victory, Zaruba wonders how Kouga managed to recognize Raiga so fast (despite being absent for so long), Taiga and Kouga to explained that every parent can recognize their children no matter how much they've grown. Reminding his son and grandson not to forget those who make them stronger, Taiga returns to afterlife alongside the heroic spirits of their predecessors while watching them depart. Kouga must leave to resume his mission as well, but he reminds Raiga that he and Kaoru will return; not before pleasantly surprising Raiga's and fueling his conviction to catch up with him.

When Raiga summoned Gajari to honor their deal, the entity revealed someone has taken his place to be the inter-dimensional traveler. When Kouga visited the Tower of Heroic Spirits for preparations to find Kaoru all those years ago, he foresaw Raiga's future, including Raiga's bargain with Gajari and took his place. Kouga didn't want Raiga to carry such a burden and sees the aforementioned deal as the chance to reunite with his wife. Moved by such a revelation, Raiga begins to weep. Mayuri also got her own share of surprise as well: the heroic spirit who guides her alongside Kaoru revealed that she bears the next successor to Garo, the same child who allows her to enter the Tower from begin with.

Meeting up with Raiga, who finds Moonbow Butterfly crystals nearby (one of which he drops during his time at Black Train), Mayuri learns from Raiga that he intends to meet Kouga. As much as he understand that his parents will return someday, Raiga has made up his mind to catch up with his parents. Not only he had waited long enough, but also concluded that their quest might too much for them to handle in the light of encounter with Shiroku and Kiba. To Raiga and Mayuri's amusement, Zaruba questions such decision by reminding that Gonza won't likely take it well. After the credits we return to Kaoru’s Studio, with her currently in the middle of painting a new picture. We then see Raiga and Mayuri behind Kaoru, smiles across their faces.




  • This is Hiroyuki Watanabe's final appearance as Taiga Sajiema, as he passed away on May 3, 2022.
  • This is the last ever appearance of Kouga, Kaoru, Taiga, Raiga, Mayuri, Crow and Gonza along with being the last media of the Sajiema Family timeline for now until Mr. Amemiya decides to bring back the actors.


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