GARO -VERSUS ROAD- (GARO - Bāsasu Rōdo) is a live-action series that celebrates the 15th anniversary of the franchise (as well as first season of VR-verse continuity) premiered in April 2nd. Being a new original series of the franchise, the show is set in its own continuity which differs to previous installments.

As with The Carved Seal of Flames, Versus Road take a different central theme(s) where in this case, the inability to choose, traumatic experience, and role models who proved not as perfect as it seemed. Thus, the series centered on how Sena Kuon, the franchise's new protagonist, found himself being forced to enter a death competition in which he lost those he hold most dear and consistently in a situation where there's little to no loophole to make a third option, the main villain Shōsetsu Hagiri's fall from grace as the result of corruption within a seemingly perfect system in Makai Order that ruined his dreams, and how Garo's reputation a role model of his fellow Knights became marred in the eyes of those who knew it thanks to the same system. Unlike Fang of God: JINGA, there's a positive note where those who remained persevere in clinging on hope despite everything and question the system (particularly flawed ones) will emerge victorious in the end, as proven through how Sena's determination earned him the right to be the new Garo and the better person than Hagiri ever been and live on for the sake of those who not as fortunate as him, though he chose not to claim his prize in the end...


A mysterious VR Glasses (VRグラス VR Gurasu) suddenly arrives at the ordinary young people who are digesting their daily lives. When they put on that glasses, the players will be absorbed into the game, then a large number of players were gathered in a huge Game Field (ゲームフィールド Gēmu Fīrudo). Above them, there is shining golden armor...[1]


After hearing the rumor about a mysterious virtual reality headset which allows the wearer to participate in Versus Road game from his friend Hoshiai, Kuon finds himself acquired one of said headsets and enters the game along with 99 chosen players. There, the ring mistress of the game, Shuka, presents a golden suit of armor as the game's grand prize and explains that the first level's goal is to survive by any means necessary as their numbers are getting halved. To increase the challenge, two biomechanical demon beasts, Horrors, are released upon the players where the demons will devour those who failed to escape their grasp.


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Opening Theme

  • "Theme of GARO -VERSUS ROAD-"
    • Music composition and arrangement: Shiho Terada, Yoshichika Kuriyama

Ending Theme

  • "Versus Road ~Higenjitsuteki Sabaibaru~" (Versus Road 〜非現実的サバイバル〜, lit. "Versus Road ~Unreal Survival~")
    • Lyrics and composition: Hironobu Kageyama
    • Arrangement: Yoshichika Kuriyama
    • Artist: JAM Project

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