Garo x FFXIV

Garo x Final Fantasy XIV is a crossover project between Garo Project and Square Enix.[1] [2]

Players of Final Fantasy XIV can exchange the Wolf Mark currency from the game's Player-versus-Player (PvP) mode for Garo-themed armor sets, weapons, titles, mounts, and achievements.

The event initially ran from January 16, 2017 (patch 3.5) to October 29, 2019 (patch 5.1). It was later rerun starting from April 11, 2022 (patch 6.1) with additional armor sets for the game's new playable combat jobs. This second run has no announced end date.


FFXIV Disreputable Priest

A Makai Priestess NPC gets players started down their road to becoming a Makai Knight or Priest.

Upon reaching level 30 and promoting from a class to a job, players can access the Wolves' Den, the game's player-versus-player (PvP) hub. Participating in any PvP match (regardless of placement) will award Wolf Marks.

During the event, a special NPC named the "Disreputable Priest" is present in the Wolves' Den. In exchange for Wolf Marks, she will trade Garo-themed weapons, armor pieces, and accessories for each of the game's playable jobs. To equip this armor, the player must have that job at level 60.[3] [4]

If the player equips the full armor set and weapon for a class and speaks to the priest again, they can claim a title that can be displayed next to the player's name. Most titles are "Makai" followed by the job's name, for example "Makai Black Mage" or "Makai Monk". For some jobs, their armor set resembles a specific Garo character - these classes will receive a title of the Garo character's name.

  • Paladin - "Garo". This job wields a one-handed sword, and they receive "Golden Wolf" armor.
  • Warrior - "Barago". This job wields an axe, and they receive "Undying Twilight" armor.
    • Dark Knight - "Kiba". This job wields a two-handed longsword, and they receive "Pressing Darkness" armor. This armor is visually identical to the "Undying Twilight" armor.
  • Dragoon - "Dan". This job wields a lance, and they receive "White Night" armor.
  • Ninja - "Zero". This job wields dual knives, and they receive "Silver Wolf" armor.

If at least 13 (out of 19 total) different special titles are obtained, the player can obtain an additional title "Makai Master".

Garo x FFXIV mounts

By equipping any of the special titles and winning certain types of PvP matches, the player can earn mounts of the Madou Horses Gōten, Ginga, and Raigō. All three mounts can fly (provided the player has unlocked flying for a zone), and will sprout wings when they do.

  • Gōten - Win 30 "Feast" or "Crystalline Conflict" matches while using a title from the Disreputable Priest.
  • Ginga - Win 10 "Frontline" or "Rival Wings" matches while equipped while using a title from the Disreputable Priest.
  • Raigō - Win a combination of 60 "Frontline"/"Rival Wings" or "Feast"/"Crystalline Conflict" matches while using a title from the Disreputable Priest.

Additionally, "Tarnished" versions of the Garo armor and weapons can be obtained from the Gold Saucer, a minigame area, in exchange for the area's currency MGP. Activities in this area tend to be more casual, rather than competitive. Unlike the PvP gear, the Tarnished versions have a level requirement of 1, cannot have their color customized with dye, and do not count towards earning titles from the Disreputable Priest.


GARO x FFXIV Collaboration Trailer


  • If the win count requirements for all three Madou Horses are added together, the total is 100. This is a reference to how in the Garo franchise, Makai Knights must kill 100 Horrors and face a trial to be deemed worthy of a obtaining a steed.