This is the GARO Wiki's Image Policy. It describes the acceptable guidelines for the uploading and usage of images on the wiki.

Image Usage[]

Images are used on this wiki to illustrate articles and depict what often is hard to describe in words. To keep the wiki healthy, avoid questions of "misuse" of the wiki, and to generally avoid sensitive image arguments we have certain guidelines and rules that should be note.

Unacceptable images can be considered vandalism, just as text can be considered if it is spam, offensive, or intentionally written wrong information.

Keep in mind that unsuitable or unused images can be deleted at any point without warning by an administrator.

Image Policies[]

Acceptable Images[]

  • In the case of the anime, images should not have subtitles, watermarks, or editor credits.
  • Single panels or pages from manga
  • In the case of manga, images should be uploaded with no text in speech bubbles. If there is text outside of a speech bubble that would need to be redrawn, the raw (Japanese) version must be used.
    • Only the text outside of a speech bubble in a raw version doesn't need to be erased. The text inside a speech bubble must still be erased. 

Gif Animations[]

  • GIF format should only be used in the case of an animated image. Static images, such as a panel from the manga or a screenshot should be uploaded in PNG format.
  • GIF format should only be used for a scene you can describe in words properly or an action scene.
  • GIF format images should not take up most of an article page.
  • We recommend a maximum limit of three GIF format images per article, in order to avoid frequent slowdowns.
  • A maximum resolution of 480p and minimum of 320p is recommended for GIF format.
  • Must not have waterwark.

Unacceptable Images[]

  • Collages
  • Fanart of any form, for any reason
  • Images with any kind of English scanlated text
  • Images unrelated to GARO
  • Images with watermarks
  • Images for your profile should not be uploaded to the wiki. Please upload them to another image sharing site and import them here.
  • Porn, nudity and any other kind of image that shows explicit scenes, even if it's from an official source, according to Fandom's Terms of Use.

Image Info[]



Almost every image on this wiki is copyrighted and used under fair use. If the image comes from the series, anime, a cover or any other merchandises, then add the template {{Fairuse}} in the "Licensing" section.

Image Naming Policies[]

  • The image name must describe what it is, what is going in the image, or what it depicts.
  • If the image depicts a specific character alone (ex. a profile picture, a full body picture, hero costume picture) specify it and whether it is a present or past picture on the file name.
  • No random string of letters, words, or numbers.
  • Always put spaces between words.