Gai (ガイ) is a silver-blue Makai Armor that specializes in archery combat. Whoever wields the armor shall take the title of Gai the Sky Bow Knight (天弓騎士・牙射, Tenkyū Kishi Gai, lit. "Fanged Shooting"). This armor is currently wielded by Aguri Kusugami. This armor first appears in The One Who Shines in the Darkness.


Gai is a Makai Armor with blue and silver coloration and two trailing red scarfs on the hip. Its helmet has a short left ear and a long right ear. Unique among Makai Armors, Gai possesses a pinkish visor on its helmet instead of a pair of wolf-like optics. Like all Makai Armor, Gai is capable of using the Blazing Armament to increase its combat power with its Madō Flames being icy blue in color.

In contrast to other Makai Knights (whose Makai Blades usually fashioned into bladed weapons such as spears, axes, or swords), Gai's blades is fashioned into a Makai Bow (魔戒弓, Makaikyū) which unofficially referred as Gai Bow (a longbow) with both limbs outfitted with Soul Metal blades. This is mainly because the armor specializes in archery combat, giving it a greater advantage in long range attacks. In its dormant form, Gai Bow is an ornate longbow with two Makai Blades attached to both its upper and lower limbs. In its activated form, the longbow takes a more powerful form with its blades becoming four retractable scythes that protrude upwards (two located on the upper limb with the other two on the lower limb).

Though the armor primarily specializes in archery combat, Gai is also capable of engaging enemies in close quarters combat. This is because the armor possesses generic attributes of Makai Armor (which includes resistance against physical and magical punishments) and its longbow can also be utilized as melee weapon thanks to its blades. While yet to be confirmed, the visor of Gai Armor may have the same abilities as with that of Aguri's special glasses, hinted at his occasional habit in removing it when equipping the armor.

By the time of Fang of God, the inactive form of Gai Bow has been remade into a thinner, medium-length curved bow with bladed limbs that can transform into a bo staff-like form for close-quarters combat against multiple opponents as well as can be thrown like a large boomerang. The transition between either of its forms is made possible by the bow's limbs that are now completely made of Soul Metal that is malleable enough to be shaped into anything the user wishes through sheer focus: Aguri demonstrated that he can make the limbs of Gai Bow as elastic as that of an ordinary bow to fire his arrows as well as harden and sharpen them to use the bow as a bladed melee weapon or alternatively, elongated the limbs into shaft form to assume the weapon form. The bow's active form also gains major change as well, as it now greatly resembles its normal form albeit with more prominent blades since its current wielder Aguri uses Soul Metal-tipped arrow more often.


  • Gai Bow: As stated previously, Gai Bow is unique among Makai Blades as it takes the appearance of a long bow made of sturdy wood outfitted with Soul Metal blades on its limbs so as to make it doubles as melee weapon. When used to launch arrows, Aguri wills its blades to be malleable as much as limbs they attached on so they can effectively store the energy to deliver the notched projectile. In its transformed state, the bow takes the more ornate appearance with four retractable curved scythes for melee. After being broken by the fight against Sonshi, modifications have been made so Gai Bow in its normal state can be split into a pair of swords or as nunchaku connected by its string. As of Fang of God, Gai Bow has since revamped further into a medium-length Soul Metal bow paired with collapsible Soul Metal Arrows and can turn into a bō staff for melee. Its transformed state mostly identical with its basic bow form albeit having more prominent blades. When used to summon its Makai Armor, Aguri typically holds Gai Bow in front of him and twirls it twice, forming two circles at his sides which subsequently opens their respective portals from which the Armor assembles around him, completing the transformation. The aforementioned modifications allows him to bypass the process, however.
    • Arrows: Gai Bow is paired with arrows designed to be able to pierce weak walls and windows as well as inflicting more damage if channeled by its user's life energy (Qi) thus effective against formidable Horrors. It takes Aguri improving his archery skills further so he can effectively use them against Madō Horrors, however.
      • Soul Metal Arrows: Aguri would later carry Soul Metal-tipped arrows in the upcoming battle against the resurrected Zedom which he effectively used to break through the legendary Horror's defenses in conjunction of Makai Echo Wave. By the time of Fang of God, he carried collapsible variant paired with his revamped Gai Bow.


Variant Description
Gai (gold shine) Golden Knight Gai (黄金騎士・牙射 Ōgon Kishi Gai)

Ryuga's determination to stop Zedom allowed him to convert some portion of the legendary Horror's essence into an enormous amount of golden energy which infuses itself into Gai armor, resulting in it being enveloped by golden shine like Garo's. Since the golden shine also the very energy that empowered Garo, it endows the Gai armor with enough power to help destroy Zedom.


The armor has been in possession of Aguri Kusugami for quite some time and as with other Makai Armor in Ryūga-verse series, the armor is created from Zedom seed-based Soul Metal.



  • Alongside Zen, Gai is completely 100% graphically made. Unlike previous armors, where there was at least a physical prop, the production crew utilized motion capture and CG rendering to feature Gai in the series.
  • The name of the bow Gai Armor linked with, Gai Bow, is conjectural. Though it could be referred as Makai Bow, the term also encompasses bows devised by members of Makai Order against dark forces and that Gai Bow is the specialized variant for being paired with Gai as its Makai Blade.


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