Garo (Anime Armor) refers to the three Garo armors from the Anime Series. With the revelation that the three anime series take place in the same universe, the three armors would in fact be one and the same, albeit across different time periods. Since each armor had different owners and distinguishing features befitting of the time period, they are divided as follows:

Garo's Spiritual Realm[]

The Garo armor, or at least in the anime incarnations, seem to be tied to a realm that exists outside time and space, a black corridor surrounded by orange grid lines. In both of its appearances, the realm granted the bearers of Garo power during their most crucial fights. The only known major Golden Knight who was never shown entering this realm was Raikou.

In Divine Flame, as León Luís was falling into the abyss, he was saved by the spirit of Lara. He is reminded of his duty as a protector, leading him towards this realm. After fighting against the current, León was able to meet all the Garo's before him and obtain their power, becoming the Heavenly Sword Glitter Garo.

Likewise, after Sword was sucked inside King's colorless void, his belief in the future of humanity allowed him to regain the "light". With Zaruba's power, his Madō Motorcycle accelerated fast enough to overcome the boundaries between dimensions, allowing them to access this place. Once in there, his Garoken was upgraded into the Garo Zanbaken.