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Golden Knights
  • Zaruba
  • Garoken (牙狼剣 Garōken, Fanged Wolf Sword)
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The one who inherited the blood destined to seal away Horrors, Garo the Golden Knight!
— Germán Luís

Garo is the golden Makai Armor that specializes in longsword combat. Whoever wields the armor shall take the title of Garo the Golden Knight (黄金騎士・牙狼(ガロ) Ōgon Kishi Garo, lit. "Golden Warrior Fanged Wolf")  This is the anime version of the Garo armor featured in The Carved Seal of Flames and Divine Flame. The armor was originally held by León Luís, but later to Prince Alfonso San Valiante due to León losing the right to wear the armor. After tragic circumstances, León reclaimed his right to wear the armor again.

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Garo retains much of its design, aesthetics, and attributes from its time during the Heian Period of Japan. In the era of Carved Seal of Flames, the armor had been passed to the San Valiante bloodline, with notable bearers of the armor being León Luís and Prince Alfonso San Valiante. They are first cousins and direct bloodline inheritors to the Garo armor. The armor itself was given to León at birth, making him the true heir to Garo. However, Alfonso is the only person that can wear the armor should León fail to fulfill his duties as a knight.

The armor goes through a number of changes during its time at San Valiante due to adapting to the user's heart. Because León often acted upon by his rage, his armor often appears cracked, engulfed in flames, with two strips of cloth that's tied to golden rings. The golden rings can be used for long-range attacks, defense, and ensnaring objects. Due to the fact León still had trouble managing his emotions, he at times risks burning himself out as the flames of his own rage can at times overwhelm him. The other changes of the armor are its golden shine, which is now more prominent like the live-action series.

As with the previous era, the bearer of Garo Armor would transform into Lost Soul Beast if he went past its time limit. However, the knight's transformation can be triggered prematurely by having himself forced to submit into his darkest emotion. Like the live-action version, it's a large bestial version of Garo, but in Lèon's case, it was far more powerful and catastrophic than in any versions so far due to empowered by out of control power of his protective seal. Because the said seal often goes haywire due to his rage over his mother's killer, it produces flames that warped his Lost Soul Beast form as soon as he transformed, giving its arms wolf heads and the ability to fire projectile energy that can set objects aflame on impact. Like the original, the only way to stop Garo in this form is by hitting the red triangle sigil on its belt. A strong enough force struck upon the sigil will cause the armor to remove itself from its user. After León lost the right to remain as Garo, Alfonso took the armor and title for himself as he was a worthier knight than León during that time.

When Alfonso wore the armor, it had a black and golden stripe cape instead. The armor looked less fearsome and more composed like Alfonso. Upon conquering his inner demons and maturing as a warrior, Lèon reclaimed his armor and title where the armor adapted the same appearance as Alfonso's which symbolize his better mindset. The armor also retains its ability to upgrade its power through temporary spiritual powers.

By the era of Spanish Inquisition, Garo now has the access for his Madō steed, Gōten, which has the ability to turn Garoken into a greatsword called Garo Zanbaken (牙狼斬馬剣 Garōzanbaken, Fanged-Wolf Horse-Slaying Sword). The events of Divine Flame showcased that Gōten has similar abilities to its live-action counterparts, but its full capabilities not fully explored, likely because León Luís acquired it very recently and only used it against Zem.

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Leon's Rage Version This version of the Garo armor is formed when Leon acted on his rage, which made the armor look ferocious and untamed that would crack, engulfed in flames; risking him to burning himself out which at times can overwhelm him. the armor also has two strips of cloth that's tied to golden rings. The golden rings can be used for long-range attacks, defense, and ensnaring objects.

Known users: Leon Luis

DF Garo 2 León's New Version

After León conquers the flames of the protective seal, the Garo armor takes on its natural appearance to reflect its owner's new mindset.

Known users: León Luís

Lost Soul Beast Garo (anime)

Lost Soul Beast Garo

Also known as Heart Destruction Beast Form Garo. Due to being empowered by León's out of control protective seal of flames triggered and empowered by his rage, the appearance of his Lost Soul Beast Garo form became more twisted with additional features:

  • It has wolf heads instead of claws on the arms
  • Giant pauldrons
  • There are extra pieces on the back with unknown use or function
  • It can project fire out over an entire city & create a fire tornado

Known users: León Luís


Double Extreme Fusion Garo

n the final battle against Mendoza, León used both his father's and his own weapons to combine the Garo and Zoro armors into a powerful new form. The composite armor possesses emerald-colored Madō Fire wings, León's original Garo armor's scarves, and Zoro's chain reels and is capable of flight.

Known users: León Luís

DF Garo 3

Heavenly Sword Glitter Garo

After Sir Venus sends León into the abyss, León is saved by the spirit of Lara, who reminds him of the promise he made to her, that he will never lose anyone he cares about again. Using that promise, along with the feelings entrusted to him by his family, and the power of the previous Garos and Gōtens, León becomes Heavenly Sword Glitter Garo. The armor resembles a golden giant sword with wings, this armor is capable of flight and summoning swords that he can direct remotely.

Note: Much like Kouga Saejima's Master Garo form, this form is gained by using the power of previous Garo users. However, unlike the Master Garo form, this does not include Zaruba (or a part of his essence) merging with the armor.

Known users: León Luís

Alfonso's Garo Alfonso's Version

Alfonso confiscated the armor after defeating León who had transformed into Lost Soul Beast Garo, it looks just like his grandfather's armor, except the crest which is located on the chest instead of the belt and retains the cape from Gaia.

Known users: Alfonso San Valiante



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  • León Luís had red eyes during his time as Garo.
  • Alfonso San Valiante had blue eyes during his time as Garo.
  • Their Grandfather had green eyes during his time as Garo.
  • Garo Rage version parallels Lost Shine Garo in that both aren't the original state of the armor and either required or received some enchantment from the knight's loved ones.

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