Garo is a Makai Armor that specializes in longsword combat. Whoever wields the armor shall take the title of Garo the Golden Knight (黄金騎士・牙狼ガロ, Ōgon Kishi Garo, "Fanged Wolf"). In VR-verse, the Armor of Garo is presented as the ultimate prize of the 100 player VR Death Game. This armor first appears in Versus Road.


The armor retains the design from the original series, though improvements made by the Makai Order gives it a more futuristic appearance in the same vein with the Anime Series one, particularly by the era of Vanishing Line. Like the latter, it gains electric blue meridians and matching eyes along with a futuristic appearance to boot, but its sharp teeth has since replaced with a mouth piece and the "mane" on the sides of the helmet replaced by ones that resemble bird-like wings akin to the popular depiction of Valkyries'. Other differences include the obvious lack of Garo’s emblem on the hip (suggesting the armor's time limit and the risk of Lost Soul Beast transformation have been terminated by latest upgrades), the absence of arm blades, and the red triangle within its symbol had been replaced with blue diamond as shown in its Garoken. As indicated by its projection that destroys a Horror released during the conclusion of the first round, Garo Armor can perform Blazing Armament with green Madō Flames as with previous iterations.

Perhaps due to either Makai Priests' role in its creation or that of Heroic Spirits or both, the armor can only be wielded by those who truly have a strong desire to protect others in addition of possessing an inner light that remains triumphant over the darkness. Despite his superior skill over his peers, Shousetsu was incapable of lifting the Garoken even an inch because he only cares about himself and his own dream to be the next Golden Knight. Kuon on the other hand, as he sought neither power nor becoming the new Garo yet possesses an unmistakable sense of justice along with determination to stop further harm done by the VR Death Game, managed to lift the Garoken and even don the Armor with ease despite a lack of Soul Metal training beforehand. Overall, Garo is a powerful Makai Armor that can only be wielded by a worthy protector.


Within this universe, bearers of the Garo Armor had fought against the darkness for a long time with the last Knight being the father of Kadō Azami. In his last fight as the Golden Knight, Azami's father and mother fought an epic yet hopeless fight during a disaster that occurred once every 500 years. Although the Golden Knight sacrificed himself to vanquish the darkness, part of it managed to enter the still-developing Azami within his wife's womb. The Knight's wife died from the childbirth, leaving her under the care of a Makai Priestess named Kadō.

20 years prior to the events of Versus Road, the teenage Azami discovered Garo Armor's Soul Metal feeding on the remaining trainees' darkness and extracted some of them which accumulated into Dark Metal on her hand and used it to kill Kadō. She then introduced the might of Inga-forged alloy to the dejected Shousetsu when he was unable to lift Garoken, allowing him to kill Sugō and his female bodyguards along with the Armor's ability to produce more Inga to produce Dark Metal through its Soul Metal composition before left.

In the present day, as part of their plan to create a Dark Metal-forged armor, Azami and Shousetsu presented Garo as the prize in a VR game where 100 players or "Knight" will battle to the death to claim the title and armor. After succeeding on their ultimate goal, the Garo Armor had chosen Sena Kuon in order to defeat Shousetsu with the Veil Armor, summoning the Garoken before Kuon and directly prompting Kuon to draw it and summon Garo. Azami stating that Kuon was fated to live as the new Golden Knight after the battle's conclusion. However, he claims not to live for Garo’s sake but for him to just himself. It is unknown what will happen to the golden armor since Kuon left, leaving the Garoken behind, or if it will ever come to Kuon directly again.


  • Garoken (牙狼剣, Garōken, Fanged Wolf Sword):
    Versus Road Garoken GVR


    As with Makai Armor it linked to, Garoken has since revamped for better performance, giving the Makai Long Sword its current, futuristic appearance. The golden and white sword now gains electric blue meridians that glow whenever it is used and a broad guard bearing the Armor's insignia.



  • This version of Garo has electric blue eyes, like the armor Raiga Saejima dons in Makai no Hana. The main design, however, is much similar to the one Sword dons in Vanishing Line.
  • Unlike the Garo Armor in previous series, this version seems to lack its own Zaruba and all the other forms of Madou equipment, like the Madou Lighter. It is also yet to be confirmed whether the armor has a Madō Timer or similar systems like in the Ryūga-verse, Saejima-verse, and anime series.
  • This iteration Golden Armor's Garoken is similar to the Excalibur in the King Arthur story, the sword was placed on a stone and only the true inheritor of Garo can pull it out. Shousetsu was unable to pull the sword because of his desire to become Garo and surpass his predecessor was fueled by selfish intentions, while Kuon managed to do so out of determination to stop Shousetsu and Azami from harming anyone else despite not seeking power itself.


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