George Cranston
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George Cranston is the son of a motel owner named Mathew.


Early HistoryEdit

Mathew would always take George to a hotdog stand on 3rd street to eat. George's father was once a successful businessman in Russell City, but his company went bankrupt and they couldn't stay anymore. Mathew then moved with his family outside the city and became the owner of a motel in the middle of nowhere.

Vanishing LineEdit

George was watching Sword, Gina, Sophie when they first arrived at the motel. After settling down in the room, Sophie notices George playing with a soccer ball outside and goes to him. Sophie catches the ball and passes it back to George, they then talk and George tells her his past. Later, when Sarah finishes showering and asks Mathew to stop working on the finances, he becomes angry stating that he did all of this for them and starts beating her, all of this while George is teary saying to stop. After Gina and Sword slay Rastapanje, Gina rewrites Sarah and George's memory to make them believe that a tornado hit their motel and killed Matthew in the process.

As Sword teaches King what it means to "live", George is shown alongside the other people Sword met in his journey, with Sarah and George walking happily in the city.

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