Germán Luis (ヘルマン・ルイス, Heruman Ruisu) was León's father and a Makai Knight who held the title of Zoro the Shadow Cutting Knight. Germán had once called himself "Roberto" (ロベルト, Roberuto).

Personality & Character

Germán was a womanizer that displayed an easy-going, somewhat cocky, suave personality. However, he was also something of a deadbeat, once begging his son to lend him money to pay for a prostitute who turned out to be the Horror they were tracking down. He regularly slept around with prostitutes and many attempts to seduce women, defending his behavior by claiming he needed another son to one day inherit the Zoro title and armor as León already inherited the Garo armor from his mother. Despite his annoying antics and playboy mannerisms, he was actually very perceptive and bold and would turn serious and properly get work done when the situation demanded it. While he found his son's bitter disposition irritating, having often suffered physical abuse from the boy when his behavior as perceived as adding further insult to Anna's memory, he nonetheless tolerated it all out of love for León.

Skills & Abilities

  • Makai Knight Training: Despite his unassuming borderline incompetent personality Germán was an incredibly skilled Makai Knight, not only training his son as a knight but also slaying the equally skilled Bernardo in single combat.

Tools & Weapons

  • Zoro Daggers: In battle, Germán wielded two daggers that transform into curved short swords with handguards in his armored form. These blades were attached to Zoro's arms with chains wound around reels on his wrists that can be extended or retracted. The swords could also either be combined into a large spade-like blade, or detached from the chains and combined at the hilts into a boomerang-like form.
    • Zoro Armor: A silver Makai Armor that specializes in dual-short sword combat.
  • Getsuei: His Madō Horse.


Before León was born, Germán and his wife Anna were imprisoned and tried for witchcraft in a campaign to hunt down Makai practitioners in the Valiante Kingdom. Germán escaped from his cell too late to save Anna, only arriving in time to save their son as he was protected by Anna's magic. Germán raised the boy outside the kingdom, hunting Horrors and avoiding Valiante's military. Germán was later severely injured during the battle against Mendoza, but he is taken in by innkeeper Ximena Coronado, who tended to his wounds and offered him a bed. Germán was soon forced to leave Ximena when the Watchdog Garm ordered him to start working with a previously thought dead Mendoza. It was only after Mendoza revealed his true intentions that he helped his son to stop him. Germán was eventually slain by a horde of Horrors and his soul was added to the crystal used to revive Anima. The only thing León was able to recover from his father is a single dagger. After the final battle with Mendoza, it was revealed that Ximena was pregnant with Germán's child Roberto, who León trains to one day inherit the Zoro title. Germán was brought back to life from Makai by Garm during the events of Garo: Divine Flame, existing in a Horror-like state that caused Horror-detecting tools to react to him and give him limited time in the mortal realm before becoming a full-fledged Horror. Germán returned to Makai one more after Sir Venus was defeated.




Notes & Trivia

  • Germán is the franchises' first seen European (Valiantien which may or may not be Spanish) Makai Knight as well as the first knight overall not to be Japanese.
  • Germán's womanizing attitude which led him into trouble at times much to the others' chagrin stemmed from an emptiness in life coupled with eventual meeting with a young woman he treated better than those before her made him similar with Takeru Jakuzure. The difference was he didn't change as much as the latter after meeting his love interests and managed to sire a child with them.

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