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Gina is the third episode of GARO: Vanishing Line, released on October 20, 2017.


Some time later, Makai Alchemist Gina Evans attempted to break into the compound of a Damian Steward, but it was too heavily guarded. To successfully break into Damian's HQ, she literally ran into Sword while he was giving thanks to a prostitute as her rough way of asking for help. At a bar lounge, Sword wanted to say thanks to Gina's breasts when her spirit beast, Mia, came out to attack Sword for his perverted ritual. Gina then reviews about Damian's unusual fast rise from local street thug to gang boss and CEO of a company. To rise this fast requires the aid of great computational power and Gina suspects there's a Horror behind it, but haven't able to confirm. Sword though Gina was there to get his help, but she enticed him to team-up when she mentioned the computation source might be able to lead him to El Dorado.

During a syndicate meeting, the gang members talked about the threat of Damian and his aggressive profiting tactics into their operations. It was then the entire group was gunned down by Damian. Taking a surviving member of the slaughter, Damian showed his members the secret to his rise, Demon Beast Aggregate. The horror developed a symbiotic relationship with Damian: whenever Aggregate is hungry, he'll provide Damian a means to rise in power for human meals. Gina and Sword are heading to his highly secured penthouse to confirm their suspicions.

At the penthouse, Gina disguised herself as a beautiful seductress to distract Damian and obtain his DNA. His security systems uses his DNA as the access code and while Sword infiltrates the systems, Gina will enter the data room to assist Sword. Unfortunately, Damian caught Gina snooping around and she pretended to be a victim from the scary man in the monitor, Sword, who supposedly told her to do as she was told. Sword made it to Aggregate's room and everyone thought he would be devoured, but Garo fought and destroyed the horror. Back at the lounge, Gina and Sword learned that Damian was killed in the aftermath. Although Damian survived the rage of Aggregate, without his partner's computation abilities, he failed to anticipate a revenge killing and was gunned down by the syndicate. Gina assured her return if there was ever an interesting assignment and stiffs Sword with her tab.