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Gina Evans
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  • Alive
  • Mia (Pet|Alive)

Gina Evans is a Makai Alchemist and occasional partner to Sword in Vanishing Line.

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Gina is a highly skilled alchemist and femme fatale that occasionally teams up with Sword in Horror investigations. Trained in several disciplines, she's trained as a covert operative, seductress, and skilled martial artist. Usually independent, she tends to handle missions on her own unless she needs a partner to help her complete it. She has her own Madō Car for personal transportation. A hands-on type of person, she prefers not to use a Madō Gun if she dose not have to. She tends to use Madō Bagua Tags, bladed high heels, and hand-drawn spells on missions. While a great beauty, she keeps to herself and only deploy seduction techniques when she needs to. In between her breasts is Mia, a ferret-like creature that protects Gina from sexual harassment. However, the creature seems to be only hostile against Sword. Whenever he's about to do something inappropriate, like admiring Gina's boobs, Mia would latch on her fangs and claws right onto Sword's face.

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  • Makai Alchemist Training: While trained in magic and Alchemy as with other Alchemists, Gina differs from her peers as She mastered other skills such as melee combat with or without weapon as well as being athletic in addition of a combination of her quick wit and versatile arsenal, making her as formidable as average Makai Knights and thus able to hold her own against formidable Horrors on the same caliber with Queen at very least. The extent of her alchemical skills is yet to be shown, onky hinted through vials of concoction she carry as part of her arsenal.

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Gina's early life is not explored in the series, but it appeared that she was raised at Ferre Salé Dessimo before depart for her mission as Makai Alchemist. Throughout her fight against forces of darkness, she met the Golden Knight Wilhem Ragnvald aka. Sword who she developed feelings with in spite of rarely interacted with each other.

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