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Ginga (銀牙, Silver Fang) is a Madōba that belongs to Zero.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

Ginga is a silver-colored Madō Horse with blade-like mane and tail as well as a knife-like horn on the forehead that like other Madō Horses, can enter and travel through other realms as well as assisting Zero in combat. Being enchanted sentient machine of battle, it displayed considerable physical attributes greater than even strongest normal horse as it can leap to great distance, able to stomp and kick enemies with superhuman forces that enable it to bring large Horrors to their knees, and possesses great durability.

When infused with Madō Flames, Ginga forms fiery wings which enable it to fly and increased its fighting capability as well as performing Blazing Armament like its rider.



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  • The real name of Zero's user, Rei Suzumura, is also Ginga. Whether this is a result of Rei possibly naming the Madōba after him or is purely coincidental remains to be unknown  

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