Giru is a bronze Makai Armor that specializes in scimitar combat. Whoever wields the armor shall take the title of Giru the Heretic Bone Knight (邪骨騎士・義流ギル, Jakotsu Kishi Giru, lit. "Flow of Justice"). The armor is currently wielded by Eiji Busujima a Phantom Knight. This armor first appears in Makai Flower.

Description & Characteristics[]

The Giru Armor is a bronze ornate Makai Armor that has dark gray and silver parts on it, along with what appears to be a white orb embedded on the breastplate. The armor's pattern resembles flame and possesses what appears to be a pair of straight horns protruding on its helmet. Like other armors, its belt contains a hexagonal-shaped bronze and white symbol at the solar plexus to remove the armor from the user (if hit hard enough in case of Lost Soul Beast transformation). While a titled armor, Giru is noticeably not as ornate as other typical titled knights' armors in appearance, but more ornate than Hagane armors befitting to titled armors belonging to Phantom Makai Knights.

For combat, the knight is armed with a makai sword called the Jakotsuken (邪骨剣, Heretic Bone Sword), whose dormant form takes the appearance of a ninjato. In its activated form, it becomes a straight scimitar with a bronze scabbard with a fiery design. Like other armors, the knight can perform the Blazing Armament, where its flames are orange in color as revealed in Makai Kessen Gaoh. While very formidable, Giru seems to lack any special gimmicks, and as with other titled knights from the Phantom Makai Knights, it lacked a Mado steed. As a result, Eiji, the current bearer of the armor, counteracts these shortcomings with the magical skills he learned from his late lover, Akari.

It's not clarified whether Heretic Bone Knight/Wicked Bones Knight was truly the title for all bearers of this armor or title exclusive to Eiji due to his betrayal against the Order by releasing Ady Slate Horrors to restore Eyrith. Interestingly, in spite of its bearer went rogue and commit horrible acts which enough for him to be incarcerated in Makai Prison, Giru Armor lacked any signs of corruption as Eiji's motives were more to being misguided rather than true malice. Overall, Giru is a formidable armor.


This armor belonged to Eiji for quite some time. He used it to combat Raiga, the current Garo when the latter learned his plan to use Eyrith's powers to revive Akari. Eiji would use it again to combat the newly revived Eyrith. With Eiji being imprisoned but the Giru Armor showing no sign of corruption, it's safe to assume that the armor is confiscated.

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  • The Giru Armor is the only Makai Armor that belonged to a rogue Makai Knight but did not take a tainted/corrupted form.

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