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God's Will is the 13th episode of GARO: Vanishing Line, released on January 12, 2018.


While discussing about El Dorado, Gina suggests that the group visit Ferre Salé Dessimo to get more information about it. Once at the small settlement built on islands of woven reeds on a lake in the mountains, Sword and Sophie bounce on the reeds with excitement. Kids gather around Gina excited at her return, but is cut short when the elder tells them about a gun-wielding Alchemist and that El Dorado has become a problem. Gina buys many Madō Tools using huge amounts of money, while Sword talks with the elder. At night, the group attend a ceremony to travel to the Land of Guidance and enter the temple that only appears during a full moon. As Gina undergoes the trial, she easily defeats a pack of wolves, but then a minotaur monster appears. Gina has a hard time fighting the monster in the beginning, but eventually wins and earns a stone of protection using many weapons and spells. The guardian of the temple possesses Mia and tells them about King and the location of El Dorado, a place which lies beyond El Sanvados to the southwest. After the guardian warns them about the darkness, Sophie dozes off for a minute while having a vision of her brother calling for help. As they set off, Gina gives the gem to Sophie.