Madō Bracelet Goruba on Tsubasa Yamagatana
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Goruba in GARO: The Crimson Moon
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Goruba (ゴルバ, Goruba) is the Madō Bracelet (魔導具, Madōgu) to Dan the White Knight in the Original Series. The bracelet later makes an appearance in The Crimson Moon anime series belonging to Zanga the White Lotus Knight.

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Original Universe[edit | edit source]

Described as a very old Madōgu, Goruba sounds and acts like an old man. Handed down by the Yamagatana Family, Tsubasa inherited his bracelet from his parents. A prideful bracelet, Goruba believes in Tsubasa's strength and the power of Dan. However, after sharing adventures with the likes of Golden Knight and Silver Knight, Goruba has been more respectful after the events of Demon Beast of the Midnight Sun.

Crimson Moon Anime[edit | edit source]

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Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name "Goruba" means "rule" in the old Makai language.

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