Grand Magus was a massive serpentine Horror capable of burrowing underground.


After León Luís attempted to take his own life in the aftermath of becoming a Lost Soul Beast, he found himself living with a family of farmers and eventually became very fond of the youngest girl of the family, Lara. But one day, Alfonso San Valiante came across León and the two of them talked in the neighboring lord's castle. During their conversation, Alfonso revealed that he came there to kill a Horror that has been eating villagers in the area. León admitted that he had nothing to protect while he was a Makai Knight and that revenge was his only reason to fight, but now he wishes to protect Lara and let her see the world. Unfortunately, Grand Magus attacked their home at night, causing León to fend off the Horror while the family made their escape. But Lara's family foolishly returned to their home when the fire the Horror caused threatened the seeds for next year's harvest. Grand Magus was eventually killed by Alfonso, but not without devouring Lara's family and leaving León in despair over the loss of Lara.

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