The Three Priestesses were three ancient priestesses of the Eastern Watchdog castle, they assumed the forms of three little girls in white angelic clothing. Their names starting from oldest to youngest (left to right) are Keiru (ケイル) Beru (ベル) and Rose (ローズ, Rōzu) when recombined into a single being they take the name Gulm (ガルム, Garumu). They act as the major secondary antagonist of Chapter of the Black Wolf.

Skills & Abilities

Gulm displays an ability to transform into a Cerberus-style armored form called Beast Gulm (獣化ガルム, Jūka Garumu) form. She fights using an arc and her fighting techniques that are stronger versions of the ones Kodama uses.

Tools & Equipment


As Jabi revealed to Kouga Saejima, the Three Priestess were originally a single being that was among those chosen to become a link between human world and the Makai a long time ago. But overtime, though made immortal, the physical form of the that Watchdog wasted away as her spirit continued in three splintered and aged manifestations that assumed the form of little girls in white angelic clothing with their "son" Kodama for company. Because they were originally one, the Three Priestesses' thoughts are so unified that they sometimes complete each other's sentences in conversations.

At first, the Three Priestess carry out their expected duties for the Saezima family. But they are revealed to have been storing sealed Horror Daggers (instead of sending them back to Makai) and supporting Barago for the common goal of unleashing Messiah into the world. They also use Horror and Madou materials to silence those that interfere with their plans like Amon and use Rei Suzumura, who they deceived into doing their dirty work and had Barago assassinate his loved ones (Shizuka and Dōji Suzumura) for both that purpose and so as the fallen Knight stole Dōji's supply of special elixir to maintain his Ryuzaki disguise, and Yūki Kamisugawa, by revealing the circumstances of his daughter's death, to kill Kouga.

When the time of Messiah's arrival draws near, nearing a vessel to leave the Eastern Watchdog Palace once their association to the fallen Makai Knight is revealed, the Priestesses' spiritual essences merge after Barago provides them a female corpse to inhabit so they assist him as Gulm. Gulm personally attacks Kouga and Rei after the former killed Kodama, with Rei attempting to hold her off. Though Gulm was the stronger opponent, her overconfidence of the situation left her open to be impaled by Rei. After Gulm's death, the Eastern Watchdog takes over the position of Watchdog of the East.


Notes & Trivia

  • The names of Gulm and her splintered form reference hellhounds for European mythology that both guard the gates to the realm of the death: Keiru, Beru, and Rosu named after the three-headed Cerberus (ケベローズ, Keberōzu) of Greek myth and Gulm after Garm of Norse myth.
  • Gulm' name sounds almost similar to Watchdog Garm from GARO: The Carved Seal of Flames and may very well the basis for the latter's character as much as Inari from GARO: The Crimson Moon. Unlike her, however, the two remained loyal to Makai Order and somewhat morally grey (though Garm nevertheless softened up a bit by the era of Vanishing Line}}.

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