Hōken Sword
Hōken Sword
Both Daggers of Light and Dark as Swords
Type: Makai Equipment
  • Sealing Radan

Hōken Sword is an ancient holy artifact featured in GARO: Gold Storm Sho.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

Hōken Sword is ancient artifact created by two Makai Priests to seal the Horror-like sentient fortress Radan in ancient times. As told by Makai Priestess Ryume, in order to seal Radan, the two Makai Priests, one who wield the power of Yin (negative karma) and other who wield power of Yang (positive karma), concentrated their respective antithetical powers into Dagger of Light that containing Yang power while Dagger of Darkness that containing the Yin power. They then combined both daggers into a single ceremonial sword called Hōken Sword, which then used to contain Radan in between Human Realm and Makai Realm. The sword, even in its split form, proved too powerful to be destroyed.

In spite of composed of two opposing forces, powers within Hōken Sword are balancing each other that a connection had been formed since its creation. When Ryūga Dōgai found Dagger of Darkness, he gains a vision of Jinga and Amily taking Dagger of Light after tricking a Makai Priest to remove the sword from Radan's seal. However, it requires certain amount of magic power to strengthen the connection so those who bear one of the daggers can track its counterpart. Both daggers also noted to be too powerful to be destroyed, as in spite of his vast dark powers, Jinga cannot destroy the Dagger of Light.

Jinga apparently needs the two daggers to completely unseal Radan before the full moon.

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