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Hagane (鋼(ハガネ) - Steel or Metal) refers to mass-produced Makai Armors that specialize in long-sword combat and utilized by untitled Makai Knights.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

Original SeriesEdit

The hagane (or metal) armor is as mass-produced armor for Untitled Knights within the Makai Order. Makai Knights of lesser pedigree, skill or lacking an armor will be given this type of armor to combat Horrors. The armor is simpler in appearance and comes in dull gold, silver, and bronze colors. Due to their simplicity, they lack any special gimmicks and least ornate out of all armors in appearance. Because the Madōbas are meant for titled knights, a metal armored knight will have to find other ways to compensate for his limited options (e.g. Madō Bagua Tag, magical skills, and Makai Priest). Much of the metal armor's abilities are unknown. While it is presumed they can perform Blazing Armament and adhere to the 99.9 seconds time limit, it hasn't been proven yet. Because of that, it's unknown can the user can assume Lost Soul Beast form if worn beyond past its time limit as well. Overall, the metal armor is of lesser quality but a necessary tool to combat the darkness.


There has yet to be a metal armor featured in this universe. Every armor featured so far was unique to a titled knight.

Anime SeriesEdit

At least one metal armor was shown in The Carved Seal of Flames series. It was summoned by Marcelo to kill Gael before being finally possessed by Onbla.



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Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Much like Gai & Zen, all the Hagane armors seen (at least in Original Series) have been rendered in CGI.
  • The type of swords used the Hagane armors (at least in Original Series) are of the same design as the Garoken in its battle form.



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