Dan & Hayate
Midnight Sun Knight

Madou Horse Hayate (魔導馬・疾風(まどうば はやて) Madōba Hayate, lit. "Gale") is a Madou Horse exclusively used by a Makai Knight who dons the Dan armor.

Description & Characteristics[edit | edit source]


Hayate is a white-colored Madou Horse that like other Madou Horses, can enter and travel through other realms as well as assist Dan in combat. Being an enchanted sentient machine of battle, it displayed considerable physical attributes greater than even strongest normal horse as it can leap great distances, able to stomp and kick enemies with superhuman force enabling it to bring large Horrors to their knees, and possesses great durability.

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Makai Senki[edit | edit source]

Hayate, ride by Dan, alongside Gouten and Ginga, in the war againts Ganon.


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