Hell Zwei was a Horror that possessed the body of an unnamed girl, splitting into two to pose as twin sisters that can merge back into their true form.


Hell Zwei is the third Horror that Ryūga has been encountering since a mysterious increase of Horror manifestations. Rian captures one of the twins, but the other one arrives and frees her to fight Rian two on one. Ryūga arrives to help Rian and they manage to chain the twins together, causing them to flee. After attempting to hinder their pursuer by throwing humans at him, the twins assume their true form and attempt to kill a girl caught in the crossfire, but Rian arrives to cancel their fusion and reverting them back to twins. The twins attempt to convince Ryūga to let them have a final meal, but he refuses as he equips the Garo armor and cuts the reformed Hell Zwei down the middle.

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  • Zwei is German for the number two, which is fitting since the Horror can split into two twins.


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