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In the Versus Road continuity, Horrors (ホラー, Horā) are demon beasts that (as with previous iterations) are stated to be citizens of Makai Realm and feed on humanity.

Description & CharacteristicsEdit

While basically resembling the traditional Inga Horrors, Horrors that utilized by Shousetsu (though originally devised by the Makai Order) had underwent cybernetic modifications and restraints to keep them under control and had their wings greatly reduced in process, resulting their appearance echoed their representation in Vanishing Line.

As discovered by Nagumo Taisuke, Horrors have plagued humanity since ancient times and a group protectors was formed to keep their evil at bay. Like their iterations in previous continuities, they can feed on humanity as well as possessing those who have enough darkness in their hearts despite their modifications. A number of them were captured by bests of Makai Priests to be used as part of Makai Knight trainees' advanced training. In the Monastery, these modified Horrors were also used to rule out trainees who competed in claiming the armor and title of Garo. Following a tragedy orchestrated by Kadō Azami and the young Hagiri Shousetsu, the 13th contestant, who later took over the Monastery, these Horrors later used to further satiate Garo Armor with Versus Road players' Inga to produce Dark Metal out of the Armor's Soul Metal composition.

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