Hoshiai Shouri (星合翔李 Hoshiai Shouri) is one of the 100 players or "Knights" who participated in the titular game Versus Road, and one of the main competitors in GARO: Versus Road.

Personality & CharacterEdit

Hoshiai is Kuon's childhood friend from elementary school who goes the same university as him. He doesn't have any goals for the future and often cuts classes to spend a lot of his time at amusement arcades. His weapon of choice within the game is a silver longsword with a blue gem in the hilt, based on a keychain he owned as a child that served as a symbol of his friendship with Kuon. In the third round of the death game, he is possessed by a Horror and asks Kuon to kill him. While the friend is hesitating, he detonates his explosive collar to kill himself before fully becoming a Horror.

Tools & EquipmentEdit

  • VR Glasses: As one of the people chosen to participate in "Versus Road", he was delivered a pair of VR Glasses that allows him to join the game.
  • Holy Sword Deluxecalibur charm: A keychain containing a sword-like charm with an embedded blue gem that Kuon won alongside Hoshiai on their last try at a crane game while both were still children.
  • Item: From Round 2 and onwards of Versus Road Death Game.


Early HistoryEdit

Hoshiai and Kuon were very close since childhood, wearing a matching pair of the Deluxecalibur keychain on their backpacks as proof of their friendship. When Hoshiai was attacked by three bullies after recovering his Deluxecalibur keychain from them, Kuon rushed to his side and drove them away.

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