Humpty (ハンプティ, Hanputi) is a Horror that manifested from construction rubble to become a resilient humanoid behemoth.


Disguising itself as a large rock, Humpty haunted a construction site with an unspecified dark history, only to reveal itself as soon as an unwary prey approach. It is a towering beast which so formidable that the best way to destroy the Horror is with aid of a Madōba.


Kouga's encounter with Humpty occurred in the middle of the trial to gain his very own Madōba, Gōten, after slaying his 100th Horror. His initial lack of interest with the prize of such trial, as well as trial itself as whole, disturbed the Golden Knight to the point of it hampered his focus during the fight against the massive Horror, and the fact of his inability to significantly damaging it with his current power didn't help the matter. With that, the Horror abruptly left the disturbed Kouga.

On the next night, Humpty, sensing the taint in Kaoru due to yet to be cured from the exposure to Anglay's blood, sets its gaze upon her. Before it could kill her however, Kouga appears and this time, with greater resolve and better preparation at hand. Donning his armor, the Golden Knight disoriented the massive Horror by a series of blows that knock it off its feet before summoning Gōten. After testing his steed's sheer brute force against his opponent, Kouga finishes it off with a blow of Garoken's Garo Zanbaken form.


  • Horror Powers: Humpty's demon beast form is resilient to damage; in addition of impregnable carapaces, the Horror's exposed flesh is quite sturdy that blows from transformed Garoken as well as burns from the contact with the Soul Metal sword only enough to scratch it at best. It also possesses a considerable brute force befitting to its stature which sufficient enough to forcefully disengage a knight of his armor and able to project volatile, eyeball-like missiles as a form of long-range attack and perhaps means to feed on the prey somehow. Fortunately, its great defense has its limits where not only the weight of its carapaces encumbered it to the point of being forced to endure and/or block incoming blows that can potentially knock it off its feet, but also not sufficient to deal strikes from Makai Blades in its Horse-Slaying forms endowed by the knight's Madōba.


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  • This Horror's motif is that of the nursery rhyme character, Humpty Dumpty.
  • Humpty is the first Horror killed, on-screen, by Gōten and the Garo Zanbaken.