Hyena (Mado Horror Form)
Hyena's Mado Horror Form
Portrayed By:
  • KIA - Slain by Garo
  • Axe

Hyena who was originally known as Kaga Kaneshiro is one of the principal Madō Horrors of the series, being responsible for giving the Makai Knights information on Zedom. He is also a member of the Kaneshiro family.


Born Kaga Kaneshiro, he worked as a psychologist in the east district before being turned into a Madō Horror by his brother Tousei Kaneshiro. Forced to flee to the graveyard after being stripped of his ability to speak, Kaga came to be known as the deranged grave keeper Hyena due to being forced to feed on remnant human souls to survive. Hyena also becomes one of Vol City's urban legends as those who see him were said to fall ill in three days and die three days later.

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Hyena with Rian

When Ryuga Dogai and Rian find him, the latter restoring his voice, Hyena acts like a pervert to get Rian alone while lying of wanting to be human again. From there, revealing Zedom while hiding his true identity and that of his brother as the Madō Horrors' leader, Hyena sends Aguri and Takeru on a suicide mission while managing to restrain Ryuga. However, tricking Hyena at the last second, Ryuga dons the Garo armor and destroys the Madō Horror.


  • Hyena's nickname plays on his role as a scavenger compared to the other Madō Horrors.
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