Rei sealing Inga Gate GARO

Zero seals an Inga Gate

An Inga Gate or Gateway is a place or thing that has thinned the veil between the Mortal Realm and the Makai Realm, allowing Horrors to crossover.

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Whenever great acts of negativity and desperation happens, these emotions allow Horrors to gain a foothold into the human realm. However, they take the form of a dark essence possessing an object. In order to fully interact with people, the Horror(s) usually entice a person to accept their power and force their way in before the victim could regret it. Usually the object in question is something that played a role in some form of tragedy or atrocity, such as a murder or a suicide. Sometimes the object can even be a living thing such as a kitten or a formerly living being such as a human corpse.

Gates can also be activated by being infused with evil energies from other sources such as fallen agents of the Makai Order and powerful Horrors. With enough concentrated darkness, they can forcibly create a gateway for a Horror to come through without possessing a person to enter. Alternatively, there are natural faults between the spaces of the mortal and makai realm. If there's a weakness between time and space itself, then a horror can gain entry without great effort. While the gateways can be closed, it is a challenge to seal them.

Ryuga Cleansing Inga gate GSS
Sealing a gateway often involves destroying the object. If a knight can identify the physical object that releases a Horror(s), then he can destroy it with his sword to prevent entry. As demonstrated by Rei the Silver Knight Zero and Ryūga Dōgai the the Golden Knight Garo respectively, they stabs the forming Gate-infused object, causing the accumulated darkness within to form spherical, shadowy mass on the air ready to be cut into nothingness. When it comes to gateways in pockets of space, they merely need to use their swords to cut through the darkness to prevent an evil from fully entering through. While sealing darkness is part of a knight's job, a fully trained priest is also capable of using their magics to open and seal gateways to prevent future infiltration, as demonstrated by Ryūme.

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