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Isabelle was a Makai Alchemist in The Carved Seal of Flames.

Personality & CharacterEdit

In life, Isabelle was a gifted Makai Alchemist and wife of the renowned knight Count Albar Juste, who was always away fighting wars. Legend tells that she planted white lilies while waiting for her husband's return, lilies which were said to never have wilted thanks to the power of their love. It was also said that Lord Rolando and Albar Juste's rivalry stemmed from a competition to win her love. Due to the witch hunts that Mendoza exploited to eradicate Makai Order, rumors only known by a few twisted her role in the legendary tale. In the rumor, Isabelle was revered as a witch and that Roland died in an attempt to stop her from further consuming blood from innocent girls, leading the broken-hearted Albert Juste sacrificing himself to stop her and avenging his rival in process.

The truth however, was that Isabelle was in fact a Makai Alchemist, a protector as with the rest of the Makai Order, and that it was Albar Juste and Rolando who committed Isabelle's alleged crimes upon becoming Horrors. Learning what has become of her husband and his rival, she lured them to her and Albar's castle, utilizing her skills as an Alchemist and her altered lilies to combat them. Due to her inability to destroy them, she instead sealed Rolando in the castle walls, and used a seal on herself and her husband to seal him where no one could ever find them.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

  • Makai Alchemist Training: While the extent of her abilities hasn't been fully explored, it can be inferred that she is a average if not a gifted Makai Alchemist, having turned lilies that she planted at their castle into a powerful Madōgu with Alchemy itself. She has also mastered the art of magic in conjunction of her alchemical powers, as shown with her ability in sealing Horrors.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Isabelle is similar to Ema Guzmán as both have husband who became Horrors and personally dealed with their fallen love with their own hands. However, the only difference is that Ema survived her fight against Luciano whereas Isabelle died in the attempt.

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