Itsumaden was a fire-breathing winged-serpent Horror.


Early HistoryEdit

In the past, Itsumaden appeared alongside an epidemic, and was said to have forced the emperor to move away the capital. Itsumaden's host, a human that wanted to live at any cost, spread the disease until the South fell to ruin. It was then sealed by the Makai Knights at the time as a last resort, but the seal was broken years later by Ashiya Dōman.

Crimson MoonEdit

After being freed, Itsumaden was drawn in by a sickly mother of two with a strong attachment to living. It brought a plague to the slum where she was living in, and caused the residents to vomit blood until they died. In the end, the woman accepted being in the darkness as the better alternative for nothingness, causing Itsumaden to manifest. But it wasn't long before it was slain by Raikou.

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  • Itsumaden is based on the yōkai Itsumade, as evidenced by their mutual winged serpent motif.


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