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Jaaku Armor
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The Jaaku (邪悪(ジャアク)Evil) Armor is a one-of-a-kind armor created by the fallen Makai Priest and Knight, Sigma Fudō. Using the power of his demonic hand, he can copy any knight's armor and create a dark copy of it for his use in combat in the events of Makai Flash Knight. Because this armor was not officially made by the Order, there's no official title.

Description & Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Sigma has a demonic left hand, called the Jaaku Arm, which allows him to use advanced magic and alchemy. If he happens to take on a Makai Knight, he has the ability to absorb the ambient energies that allow's the armor to come through and make a dark copy of it. The Jaaku Armor takes on the full characteristics of the armor it copies. Added with Sigma's magical abilities, it creates a highly dangerous opponent. The only two armors it has copied was Garo and Lord, but it's unclear if the copy remains permanent. Based on observation, it suggests the Jaaku Armor can be only summoned when a knight summons his armor first. Sigma never independently summoned an armor without combating another knight first.

Due to Jaaku Armor's summoning mechanic (imitating opponent's Makai Armor and summoned with use of demonic hand instead of Makai Blade), it's unknown whether the armor is forged from corrupted Soul Metal, let alone whether it has time limit and the armor's true appearance if not summoned without absorbing energy of opponent's Makai Armor. As Kouga finally noticed it being forged as the shadow of the armor which powers copied from, it's much more likely it lacked a true form. While merely speculated, it's possible for Sigma to absorb ambient energy from multiple Makai Armor at once which enables Jaaku Armor to assume a hybrid version of armor which energy came from. Similar to typical Makai Armor which will completely be destroyed should Makai Blade it linked with destroyed, the destruction of Jaaku Arm would mean the destruction of this armor.

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  • Due to the nature of the armor's creation and purpose, Jaaku can be compared to Demon Beast Armor, though wolf motif is adapted from Makai Armors it copied made the armor's nature more fit to the latter.

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