Jemitre was caterpillar-like Horror that possessed the body of Count Romero.

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Jemitre was born from the darkness within Count Romero, the count who once ruled Valdona. The circumstances behind Romero's inner darkness is unknown, but once the Horror took over, he left his own people to fend for themselves. Without his help, Valdona became a shadow of its former self, reduced into a mere wasteland by the time Rafael and Alfonso visit the land.


In the past, Count Romero was known as a man of integrity, a lover of art and music, a patron of many artists. Now in the present, he became a Horror and attempted to eat a mother and her baby, but Alfonso San Valiante rescued them both before they could be eaten, causing it to eat a lyrist instead. Jemitre was eventually slain by Rafael Banderas.

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  • Due the fact that Jemitre didn't leave his castle, is possible that regular Inga Horrors were the ones who brought him people to consume. Alternatively, it possible that people sneak-in into his treasury to steal, seeing as the village is poor due the condition of their land.


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