Jinga Mikage (御影 神牙) is the reborn version of Fallen Knight Jinga and the main protagonist of Fang of God: JINGA. After the events of Fang of God, Jinga was defeated by Messiah and was reborn as a man of light conflicted with his past darkness in the events of Jinga within the Ryūga-verse. The corrupted Jinga would return and struggle with Jinga Mikage for supremacy for the same body; his dark counterpart destroyed him and returned to the living.

Personality & Character

Jinga Mikage is the reincarnation of the fallen knight Jinga (who was defeated by Ryūga Dōgai-Golden Knight Garo). After Garo sealed Jinga away, he fought Messiah in the Makai Realm and was defeated. His spirit floated in the darkness before reincarnated into the Mikage family (a clan of Makai practitioners) and became a Makai Knight. Physically, he is identical to his past life, possessing the same gray-white hair despite being a man in his 30s. He has no memories of his past life and it is suggested that his personality resembles that of his past life as a Makai Knight before his fall from grace.

In this life, Jinga becomes a talented knight under the title Roze and helps train his little brother, Tōma, to become a knight as well. Jinga's new life is soon marred by tragedy. His father was turned into a Horror and killed his mother, forcing Jinga to slay his dad in front of Tōma. Suffering from a form of PTSD, he is often plagued by nightmares of the event and visions of his slain parents. This had a corrosive effect on him as a person and his duty as a knight. As noted by his Makai Priestess partner, Fūsa, Jinga is a capable Makai Knight, yet he is often held back by his emotional trauma, especially when it comes to the subjects of family and parents. Unknown to Jinga, his dark past-self remains within.

When the Horror Padeena bit Jinga, it caused physical changes within him. It brought back the dark persona of Jinga and gave him the ability to free people from horror possession. However, it was a dark plan hatched by Amily. As Jinga explored his new ability, this controversial power brought criticism by the Makai Order and Jinga began to associate his power as a miracle. Jinga began to believe that his life tragedies granted him the power to save others, making him a savior to humanity. Unfortunately, that power was still under the order's scrutiny and it angered Jinga that people didn't believe in his miraculous power.

The new power brought pressure to Jinga to save as many people as he could. However, Jinga didn't realize his dark persona started to take over. In moments of privacy, the corrupted Jinga would take control and kill those that would get in his way or offended him. Although Jinga Mikage suffered memory gaps, dark visions, and behavioral issues, both him and Fūsa ignored the signs, believing it was stress. As the order began to impose upon him and his family, Jinga began to desperately believe he was a savior and not a threat; he opposed the order for judging him. Eventually, the original Jinga revealed himself and exposed the "miraculous power" as something he gave to Jinga Mikage to help him extend the life of horrors so that he could devour them with a better taste. When Jinga revealed the freed victims are still possessed and caused even greater harm to humanity (coupled with Tōma's hatred of him for killing Fūsa, Jinga's mind was shattered and couldn't resist anymore. The original Jinga destroyed Jinga Mikage and now fully controls his new body, ready to cause havoc and mayhem along with Amily in the human realm.

Skills & Abilities

  • Makai Knight Training: As the reincarnation of the immensely powerful fallen knight/horror Jinga, Jinga Mikage was an incredibley skilled makai knight, however despite his skill he still sadly paled in comparison to his original self.
  • Horror Suppression: Upon receiving a bite from the Horror Padeena, Jinga underwent a form of mutation that seemingly gives him the ability to release Horror possession after slaying them in combat. In reality, it brought was forth the original Jinga and this new power is actually a ruse. Its true power is to temporarily suppress Horrors from the victims. This would allow darkness to quietly prevail as Jinga Mikage and the Makai Order thought these people were saved, but would eventually return to their corrupted state and feed on more victims. This would increase the powers of the Horrors and give the dark Jinga a chance to feed upon more powerful horrors and possibly get a worthy challenge in combat.

Tools & Weapons

  • Makai Blade: Jinga's Makai blade which interestingly looks more like the tainted version of his past life's sword as opposed to its original form, hinting that they might be one and the same.
    • Roze Armor: A gray and red Makai Armor in possession of Jinga in events of Fang of God: JINGA. Because of its resemblance to his past self's Demon Beast Exoskeleton, it also implied to once in his past self's possession prior to his fall to the darkness as well. He summons this by twisting his Makai Blade around him, drawing two parallel circles (one above his head and another at the ground) connected by two spirals. These two circles combine as the Makai Armor appears and equips on him, completing the transformation.





  • Fūsa: His patron Priestess and closest friend. The two met during their childhood training and stuck close to one another since. They initially begin working together very closely; her serving as the brains to his brawn. As time went on, Amily's magical interference, the in-fighting caused by Mikage's Horror Suppression ability and Fusa's own inability to take decisive action due to her romantic love for him began to chip away at the faith she had in Jinga; a rift that grows even wider once his sporadic fits of mania (secretly the increased presence of his older self) transform into open rebellion. She attempts to convince Jinga to submit to Order authority, but ends up becoming his final victim instead.
  • Mizuto Mikage: Jinga's father, who fell to Horror possession years before the events of the series due to machinations by Amily. Jinga was forced to kill his own father, which resulted in an immense trauma that severely weakened his skills as a Knight.
  • Rozan: A highly-respected Makai Knight within the ranks of the Makai Order that answered to the Watch Dog Kell. Upon hearing of Jinga's new power, he attempts to insert his apprentice Shijo into Jinga's immediate social circle to keep an eye on him. Instead, Shijo is killed and all the signs point to Jinga's doing. Rozan continues to tail Jinga and Fusa as events unfold, finally confronting Jinga when a criminal couple already freed from Horror possession seemingly fell again. He attempts to warn Jinga about the consequences of his new power, but Jinga's mania prevents him from getting through; forcing him to send his disciples after him. Despite his best efforts to quell the situation, he fails and is ultimately slain by the resurrected Jinga.
  • Tōma Mikage: Jinga Mikage's little brother, who bore witness to his father's death at the hands of Jinga and had a seal placed on his memories to protect him. Jinga loves his brother immensely and is extremely protective of him. In turn, Toma looks up to his big brother with fiery ambition, hoping to become a Makai Knight like him someday. He ends up becoming the second Horror Jinga has to exorcise with his new powers, which emboldens the Knight enough to tell Toma the truth over their father's Horror possession. Toma forgives him and largely remains oblivious to the deeper goings-on around him until Fusa's death at the hands of Jinga, which causes him to hate his brother and become a Horror once more. He is killed by the original Jinga shortly after his revival.
  • Ugai: A Makai Priest who developed a powerful interest in Jinga's Horror Suppression ability and worked with the Knight to exorcise Horrors directly without Order knowledge. He is killed not long after by a possessed brick-layer.
  • Yōyū: Yoyu is a close friend of Jinga Mikage's father and was the one that sealed Toma's memories after their father's possession. While he and Mikage directly interact very little, Yoyu's connection with the Mikage family implies a friendship.

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