Kagemitsu (カゲミツ, Kagemitsu) is a Horror that inhabits a katana. Kagemitsu's katana has been owned by two men Ukyō and Juzo Igari. Kagemitsu is voiced by Rintarō Nishi (西 凛太朗, Nishi Rintarō).



Originally owned by a man named Ukyō who was turned into a Horror familiar. But one day, a skilled swordsman named Jūzō Igari finds Ukyō and cuts him down. Having seen a Makai Knight in his youth, yet unaware of his identity, Jūzō had made it his life's goal to search for an opponent like that figure. But suffering from an illness and have little time left to live, Jūzō accepts Kagemitsu's offer of a second chance in life in return to give him the blood of living people. It takes the Horror several centuries to heal Jūzō, placing the samurai in suspended animation before reviving him in the modern era. However, as he follows bushidō, Jūzō is disappointed that he cannot find someone strong to fight with until he finds Rei by chance hunting Rebecca and challenges him. But as Kagemistu refuses to allow him to use the sword until he draws blood, Jūzō is forced to fight Rei with a makeshift bokken made from broomsticks. The duel cannot be truly concluded as Jūzō's symptoms resurface and Rei admits defeat, with Jūzō learning fully of the Makai Knights from Kagemitsu as the Horror demands blood if the human wants his help to maintain his health as well as using his sword. Still refusing to cut anyone down to honor his pact, Jūzō commits seppuku instead to quench the blade's thirst, along with absorbing the horrified Kagemitsu, becoming his host. Surprisingly, as noted by Silva, Jūzō remains in control of his body as he forces Rei to resume their duel as Horror and Makai Knight, though Rei sees that the samurai had potential to become a Makai Knight, due to the surprising fact of being able to pick up one of Rei's swords without trouble despite having never touched Soul Metal before. Jūzō is eventually slain, dying with satisfaction that he was defeated under the blade of one stronger than him. But learning of Kouga as an even stronger fighter, Jūzō hands Rei his wakizashi before turning into ash.








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  • Kagemitsu has the dubious "honor" of being the first Horror in the franchise, who rather than possess his host, is instead the one who ends up possessed against his will.