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Kaoru is a Small Makai Dragon that Kouga Saezima received from Rekka. Kouga primarily uses her to track targets down. She acts as the female protagonist of Soukoku no Maryu.

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After the events of Red Requiem, Kouga is given a Small Makai Dragon from Rekka to use if he ever needs her help. On the way back home, Zaruba gives the Small Makai Dragon the name Kaoru. During the events of Makai Senki, Kaoru was employed by Kouga to help him before she was seemingly destroyed by Sigma Fudou. However, she was brought back by Rekka and she continued to serve him as his tracker.

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When Kouga arrived in the Promised Land during the events of Demon Dragon of the Blue Cries, the Small Makai Dragon became a blue-skinned girl who takes on the name Meru while accompanying her master on his goal. However, Meru became targeted by judam on the grounds of her being a beautiful object and attempted to sacrifice her to the Maryu when Kouga and Kiria save her. It was only after her true identity is revealed that Kaoru reverts to her true form and rejoins Kouga as he returns to his world.

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